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‘The Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Proposes To Girlfriend Natalie Joy

Nick Viall and his girlfriend Natalie Joy are officially engaged. It seems like Viall has chosen the woman who would get his last rose.

The couple has taken their relationship to the next level after about two years of dating.

Engagement Announcement

The couple made an Instagram post together and wrote “For the rest of my life, it’s you.” The couple posted a carousel of images on January 12th which were taken at their engagement shoot.

Before the two of them even got engaged, rumors of them getting engaged soon were doing the rounds. A source had exclusively told a news outlet that they were “very much in love” and were even considering a future together.

Another insider pitched that “They could be the next Bachelor Nation couple to get engaged”. He added that Viall’s friends “[couldn’t] wait for [a proposal] to happen because they know how long he’s been waiting to find ‘The One’.”

Viall’s Previous Engagement

This is not the first time that Viall has gotten down on one knee. The Bachelor star was previously engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi after his appearance on The Bachelor in 2017.

However, that did not last long and the couple announced their break up the same year in August.

How Did Viall And Joy Get Together?

The two of them met in 2019 but they did not start dating until a year later, July 2022 to be precise. Even then the couple did all they could to keep the relationship under wraps for about six months until they were sure about it.

After about six months, the surgical technologist and Viall made it Instagram official. Shortly after that, they discussed it on Viall’s Podcast where Joy said that Viall slid into her DMs, while he joked that “It was very romantic.”

Viall added that “We kind of kept hanging out, and she finally got to a point where she was like, ‘I want to date,’ and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t know.’”

At the time, the TV personality was not too sure if he wanted a relationship but Joy did. He explained “She just was like, ‘OK, this is what I want. It’s fine, no big deal, but I’m gonna go do my thing,’ and she did, and I was like, ‘What?!’ … She went and showed me exactly what I’d be missing.”

They ‘Practically’ Live Together

Later that same month, they made their first award debut at the 78th Annual Golden Globes Award. A source added “They’re pretty much inseparable.  … She practically lives with him because she’s at his house that much.”

The couple celebrated their first anniversary with an Instagram post. They went on a vacation to Brooklyn where Viall shared a snap of the room and captioned it “Visiting the hotel where it all started.”

Everyone who knows the couple knows that they are meant to be together and are happy that they are taking their relationship to the next level. For all we know, they may be secretly planning their wedding already.

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