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The 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards Winners Announced

KBS Entertainment Awards 2022 have been announced, and the winners have been officially revealed at the event.

A milestone is celebrated as the KBS ceremony marks its 20th anniversary in 2022. During this year’s awards ceremony, K-drama stars Seol In Ah, Kang Chan Hee, and comedian Moon Se Yoon hosted the event.

The Grand Prize Went To Shin Dong Yup

The ‘2022 KBS Entertainment Awards’ was held on December 24th, and Moon Se Yoon, Seol In Ah, and SF9’s Chani hosted this year’s show, which has become a tradition since last year. The grand prize winner on this day was Shin Dong Yup, who has been hosting the show ‘Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend’ for 12 years. Following the Daesangs he won in 2002 and 2012, Shin Dong Yup has won his third Daesang in the last few years.

In his acceptance speech, the comedian expressed his gratitude for the award, saying, “I didn’t expect to win anything. I just hoped for ‘Immortal Songs’ to win the best program award. I always tell people you must listen to singers singing live in person. I am fortunate that I was able to listen to the best singers perform live in person for over a decade. So I’m receiving this award for the many singers who appeared on the show.

2022 KBS Entertainment Awards Winners List

The winners of the 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards have been announced. Here is a list of the winners. Check it out for yourself.

Best Rookie In Reality

  • Yang Se Hyung — Love Recall
  • Jung Tae Woo — Mr. House Husband 2

Best Rookie In Variety

  • Na In Woo — 2 Days 1 Night

Television Writer Award

  • Kwon Yu Kyeom

DJ of The Year Award

  • HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang — Lee Gi Kwang’s Song Plaza
  • BTOB’s Minhyuk — BTOB Kiss The Radio

Digital Content Award

  • Lee Mu Jin — Lee Mu Jin’s Service
  • Kim Gu Ra — Studio K’s Gu Ra Chul Season 3

The Best Challenger Award

  • Diet

The Best Icon Award

  • The Return of Superman Children and Boss in the Mirror Bosses

Popularity Award

  • Jannabi — Immortal Songs 2
  • Jang Do Yeon — Dogs Are Incredible
  • Kim Jun Ho — The Return of Superman

Special Producer Award

  • Hur Jae — Boss in the Mirror

The Best Entertainer Award

  • Kim Sook
  • Shin Dong Yup
  • Jun Hyun Moo
  • Kim Jong Min
  • Lee Kyung Kyu

Staff Of The Year Award

  • Min Ji Hyong

The Best Teamwork Award

  • Love Recall team
  • Beat Coin team

Couples Of The Year Award

  • Jo Se Ho and Joo Woo Jae — Beat Coin
  • Joo Sang Wook and Jo Jae Yoon
  • Kim Sook and Jonathan
  • Ryan S. Jhun and Kim Seung Soo

Special Achievement Award

  • Song Hae — Korea Sings

The Best Entertainer In Reality

  • Jasson – The Return of Superman
  • Kim Byung Hyun – Boss in the Mirror

The Best Entertainer In Variety

  • Kim Shin Young — Korea Sings
  • Lee Chan Won — Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant, Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Top Excellence Award In Reality

  • Lee Chun Soo — Mr. House Husband 2
  • Sayuri — The Return of Superman

Top Excellence Award In Variety

  • DinDin — 2 Days 1 Night
  • Ryu Soo Young — Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant

Viewer’s Choice Best Program Award

  • Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Entertainment of The Year Award

  • Lee Kyung Kyu
  • Jeon Hyun Moo

2022 KBS Entertainment Awards Grand Prize (Daesang)

  • Shin Dong Yup

About KBS Entertainment Awards

Every year, the KBS Entertainment Awards are held in conjunction with KBS, an event sponsored by the network. There will be two parts to the awards ceremony, which will last approximately 140 minutes and broadcast on KBS2.

During the ceremony, K-pop stars are performing along with Gag Concert members performing music parodies based on K-pop songs. Generally, the primary award categories are Daesang (Grand Prize), Viewer’s Choice Program of the Year, Best Entertainer Award, Special Merit Award, Achievement Award, and so on.

With the announcement of the winners, the event has come to an end. I would like to hear your thoughts on the winners’ list. What is your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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