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Tessa Thompson Opens About Playing Valkyrie in Thor: Love And Thunder on ‘First We Feast’

Tessa Thompson, who played the role of Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero films Thor: RagnarokAvengers: Endgame, and the very recent Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), appeared on the First We Feast episode to talk about her role.
Tessa Thompson is an actress whose resume runs the gamut from critically acclaimed indies, to box office–shattering blockbusters—including Westworld, Creed, Thor, and many others. The 38-year-old actress spoke about her role as “Valkyrie taking on the god butcher” in the recently released Marvel movie.
Thompson plays Valkyrie in the film, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, among a host of other big names. In the film, her character is openly LGBTQ+, a first for the MCU. While eating spicy chicken wings, she discussed how getting to start performing in Shakespeare plays, many of which required her to play characters of different genders, taught her a lot about how masculine and feminine presences are sometimes interpreted differently on stage.
“There was this idea that men are just more upright, that men aren’t inclined to break their lines, and for some reason, we associate that with power,” she said, explaining that though “it shouldn’t be like that,” in taking on Valkyrie, a “character that wants to feel really powerful — not masculine, necessarily — I thought about that,” she said, adding that “getting buff” also helped her find the character’s power.
Comparing Thor: Love and Thunder with Ragnarok, she said: “…Also when we made Ragnarok, the whole idea was to basically destroy every Thor movie that had come before, not in terms of success, just to like bash all of the tropes, the tone and make something that’s entirely different.”
Speaking of the upcoming movie, she continued, “This next instalment has been interesting because it’s trying to sort of recapture the magic but I think it’s been able to hold a lot of different tonal pockets all at once can a film can be funny and silly and be irreverent but also can it be heartfelt, can it be earnest and can those things careen into each other in a way it feels organic…”
As the wings grew spicier, she also recalled her production company and confessed that Elizabeth Olsen is her favourite “Hot Ones” interview of all time, saying that she wore a blazer to reference Olsen’s iconic appearance.

Making Music For Creed…

Fighting back tears from the spicy sauces, Tessa spoke about creating original music with Ludvig Göransson for the 2015 film “Creed,” saying that the pair locked themselves in a studio for two weeks to make the music for the film. She said:

“We had friends of his come over and write with us, like Donald Glover . . . and Moses Sumney and all these incredible artists. I’ve dabbled in music, but I’m not like them. They could do anything.”

Tessa even confessed that they could eat two cutting boards of the hot wings, that were kept in front of her, and “sit down and sing”. “It felt like preparation for the role — kind of like a fake it till you make it,” she added. Later, she discussed working as a bar and bat mitzvah dancer in her youth.

After tasting the spiciest sauce on Sean Evans’ roster, she managed to answer a few questions about her opinion on various GOATs. When asked what’s the greatest Kraft service snack, she said, “Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its”, and the greatest movie adapted from a book would be “The Talented Mr Ripley.”

Tessa’s Take On Comic-Con…

Evans also showed Tessa a picture and said, “You tell us the bigger story as a self-described people-watcher who also studied cultural anthropology, what is your take on comic con?” Tessa instantly said, “Comic con’s cool and I got to do it really anthropologically because I stole a stormtrooper uniform and I walked the floor, the whole time people were like, you can’t walk the floor, because you don’t have time and it would be just too chaotic.”

She continued, “So I just borrowed one of these things and took it to the floor and it was so fun.” She confessed that she wished she could do that for the whole day, wearing the stormtrooper’s uniform and also be able to “plan a real costume” and “a real look” but “really spend comic-con that way”.

While pointing at the face she was making in the picture, Tessa said that it would be great to be with someone like Chris Hemsworth. She said she was making that face because she thinks people are really into him.

Previously in an interview, Tessa Thompson, who came out as bisexual four years ago, thinks romance is a necessity to show Valkyrie’s queerness. “I think a part of really being able to normalize queer characters, Lbgtqia characters, is to allow them to exist in their humanity and that doesn’t always mean that they’re in love or in a partnership because plenty of us know that sometimes you’re not.”

Thor: Love And Thunder are released today in theatres. With the movie following a positive response in the U.K. and India, it is expected to follow Spider-Man No Way Home, Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness in terms of box office collection. So Marvel fans, prepared for the first day, first show?

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