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Taylor York And Hayley Williams Of Paramore Confirm Their Relationship

This is the first time Hayley Williams and Taylor York have spoken openly about their relationship. Hayley Williams and Taylor York are now officially a couple! e dating!

During a recent interview with The Guardian, the frontwoman of the rock band Paramore and the guitarist confirmed that they were dating each other. However, they declined to provide any further comments on the matter.

Since 2007, They’ve Been In A Band Together

The 33-year-old Williams and the 32-year-old York did not share any other details about their relationship during the interview. It has been a bandmate relationship since 2007 when York joined the group and drummer Zac Farro, who are also members of this group.

There have been rumours circulating about their relationship for quite some time now. However, after the release of “Crystal Clear,” the last track on Williams’ 2020 solo album, “Petals for Armor,” some fans speculated that they could be more than friends.

As Williams revealed to Pitchfork in 2020, the song is about “falling in love,” but there is a sweet backstory behind it that involves York. Williams was surprised when her grandfather’s vocals were layered over the last few seconds of the song by the guitarist.

‘This Is Why Is The Couple’s New Album

Paramore has released the video for the title track of Paramore’s long-awaited sixth album, ‘This Is Why, below after Paramore announced details about the new album. In the following weeks, the band will return to the stage this weekend to kick off a run of intimate shows across the North American continent to mark the release of their follow-up to 2017’s ‘After Laughter’ on February 10, 2023, via Atlantic Records.

As far as the tracklist is concerned, it has not yet been revealed, but it will feature ten tracks on the new album, which was produced by Carlos de la Garza in Los Angeles. Hayley Williams, one of the vocalists on the album, spoke about the album’s title track, which was released on September 28: “This Is Why was the very last song we wrote for the album. I was so tired of writing lyrics, but Taylor convinced Zac and me that we should work on this last idea. So what came out of it was the title track for the whole album.

It summarises the plethora of ridiculous emotions, the rollercoaster of being alive in 2022, having survived even just the last 3 or 4 years. After a global pandemic of fucking biblical proportions and the impending doom of a dying planet, you’d think humans would have found it deep within themselves to be kinder or more empathetic.”

The official video for ‘This Is Why’ has also been released and was shot in Malibu, California and produced by Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, the band’s frontman. Paramore’s sixth full-length album was inspired in part by Bloc Party, Williams revealed this summer, as he provided an update on the project.

It was confirmed that Paramore would release a new single before the end of the month, following the release of the band’s new Discord channel clip, followed by a TikTok preview. The latter clip was uploaded to a YouTube account called isthiswhyisthisiswhy.

Here’s A Closer Look At Paramore

Founded in Franklin, Tennessee, the United States, in 2004, Paramore is a Grammy-award-winning American rock band that has been making music for over ten years.

Hayley Williams (vocals), Taylor York (guitar), and Zac Farro (drums) make up the current lineup of the band. The band has released five studio albums: All We Know Is Falling (2005), RIOT! (2007), Brand New Eyes (2009), their first Billboard 200 chart topper Paramore (2013), and After Laughter (2017).

There is no doubt that this is a beautiful piece of news. Being a fan of the band and their members, I am confident that you will surely love it to see them together as a couple. We would like to hear what you have to say about this.

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