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Succession Season 4 First Look is Here

We all know that it’s difficult to resist the siren call of a good TV show. When you have so much time on your hands, it’s easy to find yourself watching reruns of Oprah or The Bachelor (or both).

But when it comes to shows about the wealthy elite and their dysfunctional family drama, there’s just no beating Succession.

The series follows the lives of a group of wealthy heirs, who are each struggling with their relationships with each other and with their father, an ageing media mogul named Gregory Solomon (Brian Cox). The story is told through multiple viewpoints, including those of his adult children.

The show has been compared to Fight Club for its depiction of violence among the characters—but unlike Fight Club, Succession doesn’t glorify its violence or use it as a means to an end; instead, it uses every tool at its disposal in order to tell this complex story about power dynamics.

Probably the reason for maintaining the reputation of one of the greatest shows ever made. The series is now gearing up for another round of family drama bringing season 4 on HBO. The show is here with a breathtaking teaser. Take a look!

HBO Max Released First Look at Succession Season 4

HBO Max is launching soon and its trailer reveals a new set of original shows. One of them is Succession which has been picked up for season 4.

HBO has released a teaser for the upcoming fourth season of their hit comedy-drama, Succession. So far, it looks like it will be better than ever with Brian Cox coming back as Logan Roy.

The new teaser for Season 4 of Succession gives a hint as to what is going on in the aftermath of following the cliffhanger from season three.

The clip, while short, includes some context for where everyone stands as we enter the fourth iteration of the HBO Max show. In the short clip, we see that Logan Roy can’t be giving up. Logan is absolutely determined, and will not back down!

He’ll stay true to himself, no matter what. Welcoming a fresh challenge in the business and the family. 

The teaser follow ups the things executed in the season 3 finale where Logan and Caroline work on their divorce settlement that left their children with no power and authority over the company. 

Who all are returning for the season 4?

The enticing teaser has revealed more than the expected plot for the series. The teaser also gave us a glimpse of returning characters including Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong.

We also see Tom Wambsgams and J. Smith-Cameron making their appearances in the teaser.

When is it releasing?

Although, the teaser has sparked us with the energy to binge-watch it right away but sadly, there have been no release dates revealed yet. But, the series is looking for a premiere in early 2023.  

Fitting in with HBO’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, their latest teaser trailer also proudly touted their new and returning originals that are set to premiere on the upcoming HBO Max.

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