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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Song is Actually from the 80s

Stranger Things Season 4 trailer was really incredible to watch. It sparked our interest and piqued our want to discover more about the upcoming season.

But, aside from the trailer, there was one thing that caught the eye, or should we say the ears, of the spectators.

Everything about the trailer was spot on, down to the smallest detail. We’re talking about the incredible track featured in the trailer.

Did you also think about it? And are you interested in learning more about the song? We’ve got you covered.

You’ll be startled to find that the track in the trailer is from the 1980s. Let’s learn more about it.

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Song Is ‘Separate Ways’

Let’s not make you wait any longer. Because it’s our favorite show too. And we understand the curiosity.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), performed by ‘Journey,’ is featured in the trailer video. On January 5, 1983, they released a new single as a song from their album Frontiers. It spent six weeks at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and four weeks at No. 1 on the Top Tracks chart.

The tune appears in the teaser just as things begin to heat up. This features flying Demogorgons, flashbacks of Eleven’s turbulent origins in Hawkins Lab, and, of course, a slew of other horrors.

The track actually increased the amount of excitement. Didn’t you get excited too?

Did you also add this track to your already wonderful playlist? Wow.

Everything About ‘Separate Ways’ By Journey

Now you know about the track let’s know a little more about it.

The video shoot for this song was a challenging process for a multitude of reasons, and it earned mixed reviews from critics. During the Escape tour in 1982, the song was written and composed.

“We just wrote this song about two weeks ago,” singer Steve Perry told the audience. The group sought a rhythmic song with a powerful and haunting melody. And they were successful.

Cain stated about the song in 1983, “We wanted to write something rhythmic and still have a strong and haunting melody. We needed the main rhythm to run through the synthesizer and Steve Smith designed that kind of drumbeat to let everything breathe.

It’s really a throwback to all of our roots and the Motown sound. Steve [Perry] has always listened to a lot of Motown records, and songs with a strong chorus approach. Songs that were real urgent-sounding, but still had rhythm and melody.”

Here’s a little something for you. The official YouTube channel of Journey uploaded this track 12 years ago. Check it out below.

In case you don’t know the shooting of this video was actually challenging. There was a chilly breeze coming off the Mississippi River near the wharf during the first day of filming.

This made recording more challenging for the group and Perry, who could be seen withdrawing to their tent to get warmer.

The Audience’s Reaction On The Track Was Amazing

The lyrics for this live premiere were somewhat different from the finished version featured on Frontiers. Yes, and if you’ve heard this track previously, you should be able to determine.

But they both came out to be outstanding. In a 2008 interview, guitarist Neal Schon recounted the first moment it was performed live, stating that the audience had an incredible reaction to it despite not understanding what it was.

“It doesn’t matter where we put this song because it has always had a strong effect on the audience, all the way back to the first time we played it—before it was even recorded. It was written on tour and we threw it in the set to see how it would go down.

The audience had an amazing reaction to it without even knowing what it was.”

Well, it appears that you have found what you were looking for. What are your thoughts on the track? Worth listening? Let us know in the comment section below.

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