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Shiloh Fernandez And Emily Tremaine Are Married

Shiloh Fernandez secured the love of his life after marrying his long-time girlfriend, Emily Tremaine, in a wedding ceremony on Saturday 8th, October. As both celebrities have the same passion for acting, this common interest led them to meet one another in the first place.

During a ceremony held at the Cavalli Estate in San Luis Obispo, California, on October 8th, the 37-year-old actor tied the knot with actress Emily Tremaine.

The Couple On Instagram uploads the Wedding Pictures

Through their Instagram handle, the couple announced the news of their upcoming wedding to their fans. He has shared a set of images on his Instagram account in which the two are seen posing for a photo shoot in a carousel of photos. Taking a look at the actor’s wedding photo, a caption was added that stated, “greatest day of all time…10/8/2022”

Due to the incident, pictures have also been posted to Emily’s Instagram account. It can be seen in the images that both of them are hugging and kissing each other. A caption also accompanied her post that she wrote along with it. There is a caption on the photo that says, “Somehow, this was one week ago. My cold Minnesotan heart is still warm from the love, and I’m not sure when I will stop smiling. But when I inevitably do, I can look to @shilohfernandez, who makes me so ridiculously happy every damn day.”

Photographer Tessa Tadlock steps up to the camera and takes the couple’s wedding pictures. The elopement and wedding photographer Tessa is based out of California, and she specializes in capturing edgy and modern weddings and wild elopements for the laid-back couple.

Getting Close To Emily Tremaine And Shiloh Fernandez

A shared interest in acting brought Emily & Shiloh together personally, leading to the two of them becoming friends. However, we do not know when their splendid live-in relationship began or when the first steps were taken to initiate such a fantastic relationship.

Except for the couple, no one else knows what is happening. This beautiful couple is always head over heels for each other, are devoted & loyal to each other, and is always in love. The two have been inseparable since their first date and are indivisible today. There is hardly ever a time when Emily is seen without her beau.

There are many events that the couple attends, and they also go on romantic date nights quite often. With a light, romantic PDA, they give fans a serious relationship goal they can work towards. Having a lovey-dovey linkup with Emily’s partner is something both do not shy away from flaunting on their Instagram news feed.

About Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh Thomas Fernandez has starred in films such as ‘Deadgirl’ and ‘Evil Dead,’ a remake of a 1981 film. His United States of Tara TV series also made him a well-known name. A native of Ukiah, California, Fernandez grew up in the city. Acting and modeling were early interests of his.

His early years in show business were difficult despite his handsome appearance and talent. His early employment included dishwasher and stockboy duties. However, his good looks and charisma eventually attracted attention when he started modeling.

After appearing in the TV film ‘Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness, he began his acting career with the short film Wa$ted.’ However, the black comedy horror film ‘Deadgirl’ was what finally made him famous.

So many fans were sure that the two would get married soon. The couple has finally accomplished it. We will have to wait and see what they have in store for us in the future. More celebrity gossip will be coming your way soon.

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