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Sam Smith Bashed for ‘Satanic’ and ‘Grotesque’ Tour Performance

Sam Smith is being criticized online for their grotesque and satanic tour performance. The Unholy singer who identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns is receiving immense hate at the moment.

The performer was recently slammed for the show named “Gloria the Tour” after the success of their fourth studio tour album of the same name. Read on to know more about Sam Smith and learn why they are being bashed right now.

Sam Smith gets slammed for their grotesque and satanic tour performance

Sam Smith is in the spotlight right now due to their clothing choices. As of this moment, I’m Not The Only One singer who is on their Gloria Tour is getting criticized for their stage outfits which include devil horns, nipple tassels, and wire crowns.

Social media star Oli London tweeted, “Last night Sam Smith performed a satanic show filled with sexual references, fetish gear, a strip tease, and a grotesque imitation of sex acts on stage while children were in the audience.”

London went on to say, “One TikTok video shows a mother posting about her 5 year old attending the concert & meeting the singer. This is not normal. This is immoral. Sam Smith wants to normalise this behaviour. ”

Another social media user chimed in, “[Sam Smith] is a disgusting satanic pervert. Any serious society would give this demon the Old Yeller treatment.”

Sam Smith has been criticized for their stage outfits a few  times

This is the not first time that the Fire on Fire crooner has been slammed for their stage outfits this year. In February, Sam hit the stage at the 2023 Grammy Awards and performed their song Unholy alongside collaborator Kim Petras. For the performance, both of them wore similar outfits.

Their rendition of the hit single Unholy caused a stir among some conservative politicians including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who referred to the performance as, ‘Evil’. Some netzines clapped back at Ted as well.

One user responded, “Evil is when a man walks into a school & murders a dozen children Evil is when Russia bombs schools & hospitals to steal land Evil is NOT when a musician dances around in a devil suit performing a hit song.”

Sam was also criticized for their sexy Christian Cowan-designed costumes in the music video of the song I’m Not Here to Make Friends which consisted of bedazzled corsets with nipple pasties. Some people accused Smith of “wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face.”

On the other hand, some followers of the popular singer came forward to defend him. A fan went on to say, “If Sam Smith were thin, cis, and straight, they wouldn’t be ridiculed for how they present and dress.  If Harry Styles wore the same fits on a magazine cover, y’all would be screaming YAS QUEEN. Anyway, support fat queer people.”

Another one penned, “Sex has always been a running theme in modern pop music, and music videos often flaunt it. But Sam Smith has made the criminal offence of being a) queer and b) not skinny, and in an increasingly anti-LGBTQ culture, that can’t be tolerated.”

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