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Review: Why Elite Season 5 is a Disappointment for Fans?

The Elite series is created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona who are the executive producers. The series is produced by Francisco Ramos. The series majorly revolves around the relationships between working-class teenage scholarship students and their wealthy classmates.

Currently, five seasons of this series are available on Netflix to date. It’s the Spanish version of those American teen drama series that explores progressive issues, diverse sexual themes and a flash-forward plot involving murder mystery. Here is an honest review of Season 5 that was recently released.

Where is the Mystery?

Basically, in every season someone dies. This season too opens up with a dead body in a pool, only that it wasn’t dead at all. If you’ve watched the previous four seasons, you’d know that we had some hopes with Elite Season 5, which was released on April 8, 2022.

I binge-watched the Season and I have to confess that it is directionless. The Season starts with the usual guidelines by the headmaster, Benjamin who makes every possible effort to curb the so-called freedom of Las Encinas students. This leads them to rebel and does what they want.

Benjamin’s son Patrick falls for a new student, Evans and immediately falls in love with him. The very first episode starts with Phillipe’s secret. Now, this is a usual guess. A video goes live in Las Encinas wherein the girl alleges Philippe of molestation.

Philippe starts to undergo counselling and the only two people who are supporting him include Caye and the Ibiza Empress, Isadora who struggles with her own parental and drug issues. Philippe, however, cannot get over Caye.

The season is an unbalanced display of its theme – it contains more nudity and least mystery. One can assess after just two episodes that Benjamin had something to do with Armando’s death, thanks to his lose acting skills.

Samuel plays the usual “good boy” character who takes the blame on him to save Ari’s family. He tries to maintain a stable relationship with her just because her father would get him a scholarship.

The ‘wise girl’ Rebe stands by Samuel till the end but struggles with her relationship with Mencia. She even ends up making out with another girl. Mencia awakens her love for Rebe after she sees her slipping away.

As for Omar, he has maintained the day figure and continues to save Samuel from getting into trouble. From waking him up to telling him to focus on his restaurant job, Omar leaves no stone unturned towards his best friend. However, Samuel struggles with his life issues by pushing Omar away.

Ari cannot keep her eyes off Evan, who is supposedly her brother’s ideal love. Evan too gets attracted to Ari and the two end up having a passionate encounter on a boat at Benjamin’s auction party. Patrick sees the two and goes on taunting Ari for losing her shit.

A twist comes when Omar and Bilal (a homeless kid whom Omar helps the time and again) witness a dead Armando floating in a river near the same auction party. Rebe and Samuel arrive at the scene and help pull Armando out. They end up calling the police and the usual investigation begins.

Samuel confesses to killing Armando but anyone with common sense can understand that he has been lying. Meanwhile, Mencia gets acknowledged with Bejamin’s secret. FYI, Benjamin and Armando conspired into some illegal partnership. The chip stays in possession of Mencia until Rebe tries to get hold of it at a family dinner.


Now, Mencia hands over the chip to Samuel who is convinced to bust Bjeamin. However, he gets severely injured at the hands of Benjamin who bluffs Samuel and calls him to his place. He tried to lure Samuel with a scholarship and further expenses for his education in return for the chip that contains information about illegal transactions.

Samuel does exactly the opposite and tries to leave. Benjamin pusheS Samuel into the pool which leads to a head injury. At the moment, it felt like Samuel almost died but then Patrick arrives at the scene and is forced by his father to help him sort Samuel’s body.

Rebe, Mencia, Ari and Omar also arrive in the meantime. Benjamin’s children decide to hand over Benjamin to the police while Samuel struggles for his life. To me, this season has nothing that it promised.

The season is just an absurd depiction of a bunch of high school students who have little inhibitions and are always involved in serious problems. Now, I understand that this is the whole concept of the series, but to me, the main plot is repetitive.

The writers have failed to incorporate new ideas for a fine murder mystery. Most characters are laughable for the way they approach problems. Majorly, there has been negligible or zero growth in the previous characters.

Elite Season 5 is confined to the erotic narration about love, cheating, confusion, jealousy, wild orgies, gay sex and so on. To sum up, I’d suggest that the series has lost its momentum as it failed to deliver what it promised its’ fans.

You will find students surrounded by raging hormones. I would say that I enjoyed Isadora’s character a bit but again, the whole plot is diverted as it fails to create mystery. There is no thrill for sure. To sum up, Elite Season 5 not be the worst to many viewers, but Meh!

New characters in Season 5

Apart from the previous characters, the Spanish series showcases certain new characters Isadora Artiñán (Valentina Zenere), known for her fake relationship with Patrick; Cruz Carvalho (Carloto Cotta), Iva’s dashing father who indulges in a sexual relationship with Patrick; and Bilal Ibrahim (Adam Nourou), who is a homeless young man who leans on Omar for support. Did you watch Elite Season 5? Shoot your thoughts.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. I agree with the comments made about this season. It needs the mystery and thrill from the earlier seasons. There is a pacing problem with this season. Also Bilal’s storyline does not make sense. They should have shown him being involed in something sinister.

    However, there a few misspellings. Evan is IVAN & Isadora has a fake relationship with Phillipe not Patrick.

  2. I found Season 5 to be bizarre just as you said. And what is going to happen now that Samuel is leaving the series? Love the sex and hot scenes and intrigue but give us more of all three with a good story line!! Season 5 pretty bizarre. What was the point of the Ibiza party? And come on Philippe ! Why are you so connected to Caye? She is a loser!!


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