Raja Kumari Reigns Supreme and Won’t be Stopping any Time Soon

Indian-American artist Raja Kumari is the reigning Queen of the hip-hop desi music scene. She embodies the meaning of blending East and West with her music and her flair for fashion.

This dope AF queen is changing up the game on all fronts from music to self-image. Kumari’s music isn’t just another remake of a popular Bollywood song like every other urban desi artist. She effortlessly matches original melodies featuring traditional Indian beats and instruments with vocals in English, Hindi and even her mother tongue, Telegu.

Her talent in a male-dominated genre. There are very few female urban desi artists and even fewer female rappers in the game. Kumari doesn’t just sing, she composes and writes music as well.

She has also co-written tons of songs in various genres in the American mainstream music industry. She’s written for artists like Fall Out Boys, Fifth Harmony, T.I. Lindsey Stirling and Gwen Stefani. She worked with Stefani to write 6 songs from Stefani’s album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like.”

Iggy Azalea’s “Change Your Life” was actually a demo that Kumari wrote and recorded. Azalea’s team loved the track and Kumari went on to co-compose the song and sings back up vocals on the track.

Besides her badass lyrical skills, Kumari is a classically trained dancer who has performed in the United States and India. Her music reflects her love of Indian classical music and dance. Her stage name is even inspired by it.

During freestyle sessions in high school, Kumari was dubbed the “Indian Princess” and her love of Sanskrit and classical dance led her to translate and repackage herself as Raja Kumari. She decided to spell the name separately so that it wasn’t clear if it was a man or a woman.

This larger than life diva is constantly showing the world that you don’t have to be a size zero to be #fire. She is rocking that curvy girl swag with immense confidence and it is seriously inspirational.


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Born and raised in Los Angelos, California to a family of doctors, she had to convince her parents to let her pursue music. Encouragement from others and seeing their daughter’s success motivated Kumari’s parents to be more comfortable with their choices. They were hesitant at first but once she met A. R. Rahman, her parents were fully convinced to let her pursue music.

“When I met A.R. Rahman, they were like ‘okay, you’re good now. You’ve got the seal of approval, we’ll let you do music, ” Kumari said in an interview with Abish Matthew.

Kumari’s goal was to meet Rahman and she had asked everyone she knew to hook her up with an introduction and then, she finally met until one day. She is delighted that she has gone from being an obsessed fan to being mentored by the legend. She also makes Telegu jokes with him! She’s opened for A.R. Rahman for many shows as well.

To the man who first taught me how to love music… ✨ HBD @arrahman 🙏🏽✨

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Raja Kumari’s mom makes sure she stays representin’ even when the artist is meeting music legends. How? Her mom makes sure she shows up with mitai (sweets) everywhere, even when she rushed to meet AR Rahman in his home. Kumari even mentioned how her mom made cashew sweets to send with her for Lil’ Wayne!

Kumari has no designs on slowing down her fabulousity any time soon. She is touring India, working with the talented artists like Divine and Nuclyea and she was just signed to Sony India! Kumari plans to conquer the country one show at a time with her flavor of fusion music.