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Pam And Tommy: Release Date, Cast And Updates

Hulu is ready to throw some light on the infamous incident of 1998. Pam And Tommy were a hot story in the 1990s. Firstly, their relationship was always an intriguing topic for discussion. However, what their relationship is mainly known for is completely contrasting. Contrast to their love life, the story of how they separated is yet another scary incident. Since it’s been a couple of decades and both the characters- Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, have moved on with their lives, Hulu is ready to annotate the incident. On November 18th, 2021, the official YouTube channel of Hulu released a teaser video for the upcoming biographical drama series.

Pam And Tommy: Teaser Video

Though it’s been more than two decades since the incident, drama fans would still love to see a hot storyline. Filled with crazy encounters, the biographical drama series depicts the tragic aftermath. Apart from being just a drama series, Pam And Tommy could be shedding some light on the volatile topic.

Nevertheless, the official YouTube channel of Hulu has released a teaser video for the upcoming Pam And Tommy Series. Depicting the marriage life of Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and Mötle Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, the series will debut on February 2nd, 2022. Seeing how a leaked honeymoon sex video could destroy someone from inside would surely be an eye-opener. Furthermore, the incident also resulted in the separation of the couple. Although Hulu had announced the series back in 2018, the production had to delay the series. However, Hulu has now greenlighted the biographical drama with an eight-episode limited series.


The Cast of The Series:

Firstly, Lily James would be covering up the sizzling look of Pamela Anderson. Assisting her will be Sebastian Stan playing the funky role of Tommy Lee. Apart from the central duo, Seth Rogen will play the role of infamous electrician Rand Gauthier, who stole the sex tape. Nick Offerman will depict Uncle Miltie’s character. Finally, Taylor Schilling (Orange is The New Black) will play the role of Erica Gauthier. Hence it seems that Hulu hasn’t pulled any punches while casting the parts for Pam And Tommy series.

Additionally, fans have loved how the characters have switched themselves in their following roles. Seeing Lily and Sebastian in their respective roles has enthralled the fans to see more of their favorite artists. The Instagram handle of the series has also revealed some glistening photos of the duo. Hence, be ready for the upcoming biographical drama series on February 2nd, 2022.


More About Pam And Tommy:

The story focuses on the ill-famed 1998’s incident that split up Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Rand Gauthier, an electrician, had stolen and leaked the honeymoon footage of the couple. Henceforth the couple had to face many issues, which finally ended with separation. Pam And Tommy is a biographical drama that will depict all the happenings of this incident. Nonetheless, the series will premiere on February 2nd, 2022, clarifying all the hidden factors of the incident. Viewers can watch the series on Hulu.

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