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Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 launches onto the Netflix platform this April and fans are going crazy for the final trailer that was released just a few days ago.

Pacific Rim was started as a movie series by the Oscar-winning director Guilemero del Toro and has now turned into a thriller that has one of the most intriguing Mecha stories since the days of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Where & When to Watch Pacific Rim: The Black

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 is the continuation of the story of the twins, Hayley and Taylor Travis who are in search of their parents after the huge calamity in Australia due to the presence of the Kaijus separates the family.

The new series arrives on Netflix on 19 April 2022 which has been the centre of many threads and discussions. You can watch the trailer and see what to expect from the new season:

The new trailer showcases sentient Kaijus, a more advanced form of the Jaeger mechas and many more characters as seen in the trailer.

If the rumour is to be believed then this could be the final season that the series gets, finishing the story arc of the two twins and this mature and dark take on the classic by del Toro.

The Original Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: The Black is a spin-off series of the Pacific Rim franchise that was started in 2013 and then got a sequel in 2015. Though not being commercially or critically acclaimed, the series is what people in cinema call, mindless fun.

The story is set in 2020 where Kaiju, the huge monsters, that pop up from the ground is wreaking havoc in the world and the answer that humanity brings to the table is Jaegar, humongous machines with special powers.

This is the Japanese genre of gigantic monsters fighting gigantic robots, it has been filled with different nuances and story turns like classics like Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

But Pacific Rim is something different, rather than taking inspiration from these classics, it is a duplicate of the original movies of this genre like Godzilla. The movie just builds up for the sake of building up whereas when the action comes, that is all that the movie creators care about.

Maturity of Pacific Rim: The Black

While the two movies created by Guillermo del Toro were comical and parodied Japanese movies of old, this spin-off series takes the names and worldbuilding that the movies set up and talks about some serious topics.

The series talks about the themes of humanity sucking out monopolies and capitalism from any terror or disaster. Another theme that the show conveys is the terror that any sort of calamity brings to our society.

What seems to be the last season of Pacific Rim: The Black is about to be released all over the world on Netflix this April, this marks another one of Netflix original anime being completed before they were given the proper space to prosper.

Examples like Violet Evergarden, Devilman Crybaby and many more come to mind but let’s hope that this season of Pacific Rim: The Black can capture the audiences’ attention and another spin-off or continuation is announced sooner than later.

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