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‘Out Of The Blue’ Taking A Different Take On Seduction And Thriller In The New Trailer

Apparently, seduction thrillers are a thing now. The seduction genre is related to romance, but it’s a very different kind of romance than you’d find in a romantic comedy. Romantic comedy is all about finding your soulmate and falling in love with them.


On the other hand, the seduction genre is about finding someone who you want to be with, but it’s more about giving yourself over to someone else. It’s about being vulnerable and letting yourself be taken advantage of.

It’s not just about romance, there are also elements of suspense in the genre. You don’t know what will happen next, or even if anything will happen at all! There are no guarantees that anything will turn out well for anyone involved (except maybe in some cases).

In fact, sometimes things can get so bad that they can make you rethink what you thought was true love at first sight. This is precisely what is going to be the pace for the upcoming American thriller film, Out of the Blue.

The film stars the famous German actress Diane Kruger trying to escape a bad marriage by choosing to have a raunchy affair with the boy next door. Check out this article to grab all the deets of the upcoming thriller. 

Out Of The Blue Taking A Different Take On Seduction And Thriller In The New Trailer

The question here is, what does one do to escape an unbearable marriage? Well, this is what Diane Kruger did in this film to get ahead of the question.

The Critics Choice Awards Winner Neil LaBute is exploring another mystery thriller coming very soon on the big screens. 

The film stars Diane Kruger as Marilyn Chambers, the frustrated mother of a teenage daughter, who enters an extramarital relationship with former prisoner Connor Bates played by Ray Nicholson.

The trailer starts with Nicholson playing Connor. He jogs when he sees Marilyn for the first time, bathing in a lake wearing a red hot swimsuit.

The trailer marks the intensity between the two right from the beginning. He strikes an awkward conversation with beauty in red and gives the audience a ray of hope to brew something in future.

But Marilyn puts him straight in his place by making him aware of his husband and how she comes to this secret spot for some alone time that Connor receives as a hint. 

Next, we see both of them catching each other at a library where Connor asks Marilyn for book recommendations to which she replies “Murder type”, “preferably the one where the husband dies”. 

The next thing we see is the two of the taking their relationship to the next dirty level alongside the apparent death of her husband. The trailer leaves you with a simple question, “will this end predictably or not?”. 

When Is Out Of The Blue Releasing?

The upcoming mystery thriller is releasing on 26th August in theatres. The film is written and directed by Neil LaBute and produced by Berry Meyerowitz and Tara L. Craig.

The film bringing good old femme fatal is going to release soon where we’ll see her turn tables with both her lover and our minds. 

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