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Netflix Announces ‘The Night Agent’ Release Date with Official Teaser and First-Look Images

Netflix is coming up with a new political thriller series. The show, titled The Night Agent, is based on the 2019 book of the same name by Matthew Quirk and follows the story of a low-ranking FBI agent who is stuck with his boring office life at the White House. However, he gets an emergency call one day that gets him embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy.

The teaser for the series has now been released by Netflix. The streaming platform has also unveiled the first-look photos and announced the launch date of the show. Continue reading to watch the teaser and know more about the series.

Netflix Announces The Night Agent Release Date with Official Teaser

The teaser features Peter receiving a fateful call on the emergency line in the White House basement office, after which the authorities spring into action. The agent is seen with Rose, a tech CEO, as both of them seem to be in danger. Meanwhile, a voice-over says, “This runs deeper than you realize and farther than you can imagine.”

The series is all set to premiere on Netflix on March 23. The first-look images show Peter juggling between his office and the field to get to the depth of the conspiracy. The rest of the officials are seen preparing for a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Peter is also seen pointing a gun in one of the photos.

The Series is Based on Matthew Quirk’s Novel

The Night Agent novel, written by Matthew Quirk, revolves around Peter, who is assigned to an emergency phone that never rings. However, it rings one time and wreaks havoc in the Oval Office. Peter is then tasked with helping a company’s CEO, Rose, as her safety is at risk after the assassination of her aunt and uncle.

Meanwhile, he also has a race against time to unearth the conspiracy before it affects the nation. “In the basement of the White House, there’s a phone that never rings. This is the story of the night it rings,” wrote Netflix announcing the series.

The Night Agent Cast and Crew

The show stars Gabriel Basso as Peter and Luciane Buchanan as Rose. The rest of the cast includes Sarah Desjardins as Maddie Redfield, the Vice President’s daughter; Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington, the head of Maddie’s security; Hong Chau as Dianne Farr, the President’s chief of staff; and Eve Harlow as Ellen.

Enrique Murciano stars as the leader of the Secret Service, Ben Almora; and DB Woodside portrays Secret Service agent Erik Monks. The Night Agent has been created by Shawn Ryan and produced by MiddKid Productions. 

Ryan also serves as executive producer along with Marney Hochman, Julia Gunn, Seth Gordon, Paul Neinstein, Nicole Tossou, David Beaubaire, Jamie Vanderbilt, and William Sherak. The creator first announced that he was adapting The Night Agent novel in 2020.

“Books I Read, Decided to Adapt For Television and May Have Already Finished Writing the Pilot Episode,” he said at the time. The show was ordered by Netflix in July 2021. The series directors include Ramaa Mosley, Adam Arkin, Millicent Shelton, Guy Ferland, and Seth Gordon.

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