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Mythomaniac Season 2 Release Date and Cast Updates

Marina Hands, Mathieu Demy, and Marie Drion feature in the 2019 French-language television series Mythomaniac or Mytho, which was created by Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert. The show got renewed for a second season after a successful first season. Arte released Mythomaniac on October 3, 2019, and Netflix distributed it worldwide.

Season 2 will be available for Streaming shortly on Netflix, and it has an official release date. We all lie from time to time. What happens, though, if we have to conceal one falsehood with another? It creates a never-ending cycle of dishonesty. And this is precisely what occurs in ‘Mytho.’ Before getting into the specifics, let’s go through the narrative of this series.

Mythomaniac Season 2 Official Release Date

After a long wait, we now have an official release date for this successful show. Season 2 of ‘Mythomaniac’ or ‘Mytho’ will premiere on Netflix on October 29, 2021. Season 2 will have six 45-minute episodes, just like the first. And it’s going to have a lot of drama, twists & turns. Are you looking forward to the thrill? Let’s understand the synopsis of this series.

Mythomaniac Synopsis

It’s about a committed mother and a loyal wife who becomes exhausted after contending with her private and professional relationships, and it’s written by novelist Anne Berest. Her children are mistreated, she fears her husband is having an affair, and she works for a challenging boss. As a result, in order to gain a little sympathy, she takes a wrong move one day on the heat of the moment.

She claims to be suffering from a life-threatening illness. But things take a turn for the worse when a simple white lie has massive ramifications and begins to break her apart. The first season concluded with the family discovering the truth, and season two of “Mythomania” is said to commence with Elvira seeking to reconnect with her family.

Mythomaniac Season 2 Upcoming Cast

This season’s cast will most likely be the same as Season 1’s, and will include the following individuals.

  • Marina Hands as Elvira
  • Mathieu Demy as Patrick
  • Marie Drion as Carole
  • Jérémy Gillet as Sam
  • Zelie Rixhon as Virginie
  • Yves Jacques as Mr. Brunet
  • Jean-Charles Clichet as Jeff
  • Julia Faure as Isa
  • Andrea Roncato as Nonno
  • Linh Dan Pham as Brigitte
  • Marceau Ebersolt as Niklas
  • Luca Terracciano as Lorenzo

We definitely want to see how this goes. After the tragic lying and all the difficulties, do you think she will be able to reconnect with her family? Or there will be more lies coming up on their way? Well, all of our questions will be answered on October 29, 2021.

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