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Mythic Quest Renewed for Season 3 and 4

After the successful completion of the previous 2 seasons of the Mythic Quest, fans are waiting for the next season. Fans enjoyed the workplace comedy directed by Charlie Day. The very first season of the Mythic Quest was premiered on 7th February in the year 2020.

The next season aired a year later as well. The hype is real. To boost up the hype and get you on to the edge of the seats with laughing hard, we have good news for the fans of Mythic Quest. An announcement was made on 21st October 2021, via a FaceTime video of Rob McElhenny who indicated that that the next season of the Mythic Quest will be premiered in 2022. The fans were very excited after hearing this news.

We can safely say that Mythic Quest is renewed for Season 3 and 4.

Mythic Quest: Plot and Cast

Mythic Quest Plot and Cast

The Mythic Quest involves Rob McElhanney who is also the owner as well as the director. The show also stars Ashley Bruch, Imani Hakim, Jonathan Wiggs and many more fantastic actors. The show has an interesting plot where the character Ian Grimm owns a multiplayer game and tries to be at the top with the help of the team.

Mythic Quest season 2: Review

Mythic Quest season 2 Review

Fans really enjoyed the time watching it and it has positive reviews from the critics. The story winds up at the end of season 2 by Brad wanting to get arrested for insider trading which would ultimately improve the cred. Fans are left in the dilemmas of situations and want to know what happens next. So, the hype is rising and the producers also know this.

Mythic Quest season 3: Plot

Mythic Quest season 3 Plot

Fans have their own versions of the storyline and many fall correctly as well. According to many fans who follow the series very closely, the next season would pick up just where the last season ended. It is one of the possibilities that the lead roles Ian and Poppy would come up with some idea to beat the competitor leaving behind their egos aside. The show is followed by millions on Apple TV and people presume that the plot may change till the end of season 3 to make a fresh start.

Mythic Quest season 3 Release Date Expectations?

Mythic Quest season 3 Release Date

Till date no official date has been announced for the release of Mythic Quest season 3. Yet, the indications clearly told that the next season is upcoming and would soon be aired. The year must be 2022. The officials are yet to announce the exact date of release of Mythic Quest season 3. No trailer has been launched but fans expect the trailer launch to be soon.

The Mythic Quest series made a huge fan base in the first season and the next season as well. The reason behind this is the writing of the episodes with quirky dialogues and obviously, the characters which make it worth watching. The fans have waited long for the moment of any news of the upcoming Mythic Quest season 3. The facetime video was uploaded indicating the release which made the fans eager to know more about the release date of Mythic Quest season 3. You may watch the facetime video on

We are very excited for season 3 and 4, are you? Comment below.



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