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Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Ending Explained

Mob Psycho 100 season 3 aired its last episode on Wednesday, 21st December 2022. The series has finally come to an end. This was the last time we saw our favorite Mob and his friends on our screens. Episode 12 was a perfect conclusion to this wonderful series.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 12: Recap

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 episode 12 starts with Tsubomi realizing that the tornado is moving towards her. Initially, she thinks of leaving but later decides to stay because that is what Mob would do. He would wait for her if she were late. Meanwhile, Reigen and Serizawa try to make their way toward Mob.

They need to make their way through Mob’s power stream. Furthermore, Serizawa thinks that something shocking must have happened with Mob. Serizawa realizes that the storm is too much for them to handle, and they should head back.

He tells Reigen that he is losing too much power and won’t be able to protect him if this goes on. However, Reigen tells him that he must protect Mob and that Serizawa should return. He states that Mob must hear something from him. Serizawa protects himself from a signboard. He realizes that Reigen is gone.

Mob’s Inner Conflict

On the other hand, Mob makes his way toward Tsubomi in his Berserk state. However, Mob worries about Tsubomi seeing him in this condition and what she might think about him. He elaborates that Tsubomi lost interest in Mob’s powers.

Therefore, Mob stopped using them, and it was wrong of if to do so. Mob’s inner self recalls why they like Tsubomi in the beginning. To which Mob answers that they were friends and got along. However, Mob’s inner self claims they like her because she doesn’t treat them differently.

Tsubomi treated them like everyone else and was kind towards him, even with his powers. He continues that the inner self fell for him, for she accepted his powers. It was the acceptance that made him fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, Reigen reaches Mob and tries to talk to him. Mob tells his inner self that Reigen never treated him differently and always guided him. Mob’s inner self reacts to Reigen being a liar and has always used Mob for his business.

He adds that Reigen is selfish and doesn’t really care about Mob. Furthermore, if Reigen sees him like this, he will leave Mob because he cannot control himself. Reigen, even after being hurt badly, doesn’t leave Mob and begs him to return to him.

Reigen Tries To Save Mob

He tells Mob he is sorry and dint realizes that this is what Mob has been going through inside all this while. As Mob hears this, he fades into his inner self. Reigen continues to try to talk to Mob, Running towards him amidst the tornado. However, the winds are too strong for him, throwing away Reigen.

But he doesn’t give up and gets hold of something to anchor himself. Reigen can be seen thrown away by the wind into rubble and walls. Reigen still gets up every time, moving towards Mob to try to reason with him and tell him something. Moreover, Reigen claims he has been secretly working out to protect Mob.

Every time Reigen is knocked down by debris, he again gets up, not worrying about himself. Eventually, he reaches Mob, but the power around Mob is so strong that he is pushed down to the ground. He further grabs Mob’s leg.

However, Reigen passes out before he can talk to Mob. Mob continues to move towards Tsubomi when suddenly Reigen appears. His inner self tries to throw Reigen out of the way when Reigen grabs his hand. Mob is shocked to see Reigen’s power. Nevertheless, Mob gives out even more power to stop Reigen.

Reigen’s body is taken over by Dimple, who has returned. Dimple tells Mob he has always been around and never actually died. He tells Mob that his power got Dimple back to him. Dimple tells Mob that Reigen has something to say to Mob and should listen to him. Dimple has less time and ends up leaving Reigen’s body.

Reigen Finally Reveals The Truth

Reigen admits to Mob that he has no psychic powers and never did. This confession suddenly brings Mob back to reality, and he claims down. At the same time, The tornado clears, and Mob has taken control of his body. Mob walks towards the park where Tsubomi is, waiting for him. Reigen and Dimple wait for him outside.

Eventually, Mob returns with the flower he was supposed to give Tsubomi. Mob tells them that Tsubomi rejected him and starts crying. Reigen comforts him. Then wonders how they will fix the city. He concludes that everyone will help out with the task.

Further, the scene shifts to Body Improvement Club, and Mob runs with the group and then to the Telepathy club. They talk about UFO incidents. It is then revealed that six months have gone by since that incident. Mob Thanks, everyone, for helping him get this far.

Furthermore, Serizawa starts working for Reigen’s agency and has been working there for six months. Mob and Tsubomi talk on the phone frequently. Later, we can see that everyone hides in the office to surprise Reigen on his birthday. The episode ends with everybody coming together to show their affection for Reigen.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 episode 12 shows Mob finally accepting both sides of himself. Reigen also reveals the truth to Mob about his not having powers. The heartfelt apology really comes through to Mob. We finally got the answer to Tsubomi and Mob’s story. Overall the series has done an excellent job with the finale episode.


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