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Meet Claire Hogle: The Golfer who has become a Social Media Sensation

Claire Hogle, a Golfer and influencer, has seen a sudden rise in her popularity, thanks to the increasing number of her Instagram followers. People are swooning over the former player for her golfing skills, as well as her astonishing beauty.

Hogle is now being touted as the ‘next Paige Spiranac.’ For those who don’t know, Spiranac is a former pro-golfer turned influencer who enjoys wide popularity on social media and has millions of followers. But who is Clarie Hogle and how did she become an internet sensation? Read on to find out.

Hogle is a Former College Golf Player

Claire Hogle is a 23 year old golf player who played at the college level. She resides in San Diego. Hogle attended the California State University, during which she played golf for the university’s San Marcos team.

The player revealed that she fell in love with Golf when she was 14 years old. In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote, “When I fell in love with the game at age 14, I was often the only girl at the course, always wishing I had other girls to play with.”

“In the past couple of years, I’ve seen so many women take up the game and my circle of golf sisters has grown to include some of my closest friends.”

She further stated that the game had changed her life for good. “Golf has absolutely changed my life and it is truly so fun to see more women and girls enjoying this wonderful game. Cheers to all my women in golf,” added the influencer. After her college was over, Hogle started to build her social media presence.

Claire now has a Huge Fan Following on Social Media

Claire keeps displaying her golf skills in her videos on Instagram. Most of her videos feature her playing at golf clubs, while in some posts, she is seen talking about her journey. Apart from the game, Claire’s attractive looks are also the reason behind her popularity.

The influencer currently has more than 800k followers on Instagram. She has 429 posts on her page with a bio that reads, “huge golf gal” She also has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts golf tips and hacks videos. The channel currently stands at 70k subscribers.

Just seven weeks ago, Claire hit the 500k followers milestone on Instagram. To thank her followers for their support, she wrote, “500 thousand of you! wow. i am absolutely blown away. so so grateful to each and every one of you. i can’t wait to continue sharing the fun side of golf with all of you. 💛”

Claire says her Mother Inspired her to take up the Sport

The social media celebrity revealed that although her father had a career in golf, it was her mother who inspired her to get into the field. She said, “My dad has played golf his entire life so I grew up around it, but I never played or pursued it. In eighth grade, my mom told me that I have to play at least one season of high school golf or else.”

“So I played my one season which I prepared all summer for, and I really liked it. I didn’t want to at first, but I ended up really liking it and pursued it to take it further,” she continued.

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