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Maisie Williams And Reuben Selby Split After Dating For Five Years

After five years of dating, Reuben Selby and Maisie Williams have decided to part ways. There was a sense of an era ending due to the decision.

A former Game of Thrones star and a British model who had been dating since 2018 have announced their break up via Instagram.

Reuben Selby And Maisie Williams Have Ended Their Five-Year Relationship

Reuben Selby and Maisie Williams have gone their separate ways after five years together. It was announced on Thursday that the “Game of Thrones” alum, 25, and the fashion designer had split after sharing a mirror selfie on her Instagram Story.

“the end of an era,” she wrote. “@reubenselby_ and i have decided to end our relationship,” Williams explained that their relationship has always reached deeper than their shared and separate creative careers ever since she met Selby five years ago. It would continue to do so even after they ended their relationship.

“This decision is something we are so grateful for so as we can protect the magic that we can’t help but emit whenever we put our brains together,” according to her. According to the actress, she ended her breakup announcement by asking people not to ask any further questions.

It is no secret that Williams and Selby, who were both 25 at the time, were in a relationship. During Paris Fashion Week, the now-ex-couple was often spotted wearing matching outfits, gracing magazine covers, and collaborating on initiatives to combat climate change, among many other things.

Even though Selby may change relationships occasionally, fashion remains constant. The Christian Dior runway in 2020 will feature the pair in matching beige outfits, which are part of a photo he shared on Friday to commemorate his relationship with the Emmy nominee.

The Fashionable Couple’s Relationship: Everything You Need To Know

We’ve been obsessed with Maisie Williams and Reuben Selby’s relationship since they exploded onto our fashion radars as a couple in 2019. We believed this obsession would continue for a long time.

With a passion for fashion and A-list parties, the actress and entrepreneur have often been spotted sitting in the front row at runway shows for luxury fashion brands like Givenchy and Thom Browe, often in matching outfits. Selby has even been tasked with designing one of the “Game of Thrones” star’s costumes for the red carpet, which has been a real hit.

Even though the pair have maintained relatively shtum when talking about their relationship, other than posting the occasional loving Instagram caption about each other, they have managed to keep their romance secret.

The couple is often seen walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Paris during Paris fashion week, making appearances at sporting events such as Wimbledon, and posing for photographs at some of London’s hottest, star-studded parties.

Therefore, everyone felt Maisie and Reuben’s romance would continue to grow stronger over the coming years, but sadly they have decided to separate.

Who is Reuben Selby?

In addition to being a bona fide ‘slashie,’ Selby also holds several different title jobs that include: founding the modeling agency The Contact Agency, co-founding the creative agency Cortex Creatives, and being the previous communications director at Daisie, the social media platform of his girlfriend.

In a June 2018 interview, Selby gave to Dazed. He opened up about his casting career. He told the publication that he also takes pictures of his own, so he was always doing the same thing and looking for interesting subjects to photograph.

‘I’ve gone down a bit more of a fashion route because I’ve worked with designers casting for shows, for magazine editorials, and my editorials. I’ve assisted a lot of fashion photographers, stylists, and casting directors – I just tried to get as much knowledge of the industry as possible.’ He explained.

Nathaniel, Luke, and Theo, four of Reuben’s brothers, are all highly successful chefs. Luke, 23 years old, won the 2018 National Chef of the Year award.

The couple has asked for privacy as they process the breakup. Fans are still in shock as they had seemed so happy when they were last seen together. Williams and Selby kept their relationship private but often shared sweet moments on social media. We will bring you more news like this from the showbiz world in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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