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Lovestruck High: Everything About Lindsay Lohan’s Series

Lindsay Lohan has returned with another bombshell.

Have you heard of Lovestruck High? Oh, not the literal meaning, but a new upcoming show that will leave you in adoration. Lindsay Lohan is set to narrate a dating show in the coming days. Oh right, what wonderful news?

We’re sure you’re curious about this dating show and what it’s all about. However, there are countless updates that will keep you engaged.

Though it will be comparable to any ‘dating Show’ singles included, it is hugely fascinating. Fortunately, we now have a release date for the show as well as a trailer that will make you drool.

Okay, without any further ado let’s get into the juicy details.

What’s Lovestruck High Is All About?

The name of the dating show offers up its concept. Lovestruck ‘High’. What’s slightly higher compared, to school? Right.

In this upcoming show, fifteen UK singles are relocated to a high school in the United States, where they date their classmates in the hopes of meeting the one.

However, dating will not be their only concern, as the title of Prom Royalty accompanies a $100,000 reward. Is it true that they will discover their one, or is it all about the tremendous prize money?

It won’t be easy; the candidates will face obstacles and lessons in the classroom, in the playing area, and after school. Mhmm, looks engaging.

Lovestruck High Will Hit Screen Soon

Your summer fling is coming in hot.

Okay, now about the release date of Lovestruck High Season one. This show will not keep you waiting, and it will arrive sooner than expected. Bench rolls, please.

Lovestruck High will be available on Prime Video on May 18, 2022. We told you, it’s coming soon. Ready to reschedule your plans? Perfect.

Lovestruck High Trailer Is Wild

Welcome to Lovestruck High. Oh, or should we say, “Welcome to the rainbow high school?” Just like a real high school and movies about it we’ve ‘jocks’.

And oh definitely ‘Queen Bees’ and obviously the ‘Nerds’. And the interesting thing is they’re all single and it’s going to be juicy. Check out the first official trailer below.

Wait a minute, what’s the hurry? We’ve another wild trailer waiting for you. This trailer gives us a sneak peek at the contestants and their intense environment.

And there’s obviously going to be a ton of drama. You definitely need to check it out. Did we just hear WTF? Things are going to go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Time For ‘Lovestruck High’ Contestants

A dating show like no other. Now let’s talk about the main thing about the show. It’s contestants.

She’s popular, she’s pretty and she’s pure fire. Yes, it’s Yasmine.

She’s got smooth moves and knows all the right words to say. It’s none other than ‘Sin’ with immaculate vibes.

Everyone has been crunching the numbers. And turns out this handsome accountant is ‘Alex’.

Oh, yes. She’s fun, she’s flirty, and she’s ready to get fired up. Let’s welcome ‘KT’.

Cute, loyal, sweet all in one? It’s definitely Chante.

We definitely needed a girl who’s looking for genuine love, oh looks like Charlie is here to fill up the space.

Is it hot in here, or we’re talking about Max?

He’s ice-cold, he’s iconic, and he’s as loyal as they come. Here comes Junaid.

This adorable dancer is bringing ‘all’ the right smooth moves with her charm. Megan, there you are!

Ladies, the troublemaker is ready to turn your head. Come on, Geoff.

Looks like we have a sweetheart too. Cheers for Theo.

The style queen ‘Jess’ is absolutely cute.

Dan, the handsome man is lookout for ‘the one’. Looks like he landed on the perfect show.

Someone call the fire brigade because this girl is pure on fire.

A guy with looks and charm only needs one thing. Guys, love. Duh?

Definitely pure charisma with killer confidence. Adam is making the list interesting.

Oh, you were waiting for more? The list is over. And these adorable personalities are ready to set the show on fire.

You’re welcome to share your thoughts on the contestants in the comment section below. And don’t feel shy to mention your ‘favorite’ one.

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