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Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Updates

Season 2 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) has concluded, and admirers are already seeking clarification about Season 3’s renewal. Sung Hoon, Lee Tae-gon, Park Joo-mi, Lee Ga-ryeong, Lee Min-young, Jeon Soo-kyeong, and Jeon No-min feature in the South Korean television series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).

Netflix has this drama available for worldwide streaming. The second season aired on TV Chosun on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:00 (KST) from June 12 to August 8, 2021.

The second season finale episode received a 16.582 percent nationwide viewership, making it the eighth highest-rated drama on Korean cable television. So, what are your thoughts? Are we going to have Season 3? Let’s understand it better.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 3 Renewal Explanation

The entire series revolves around the lives of three married couples in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Since they finally had a face-off with the woman, the three mistresses have been backstabbing. The first two seasons were so captivating and full of drama in the married lives of all three families that viewers have been eagerly awaiting the third season.

To be honest, we do expect a third season, and there are a variety of reasons for the series to be renewed for another season. The most important factor is that we were left on a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2. “There could be an unexpected ending,” the drama series’ production team hinted. Love ft.

Marriage and Divorce has not been officially renewed for season 3 as of this publication, however the K-drama is almost certain to return in the future. And probably we will get to see another season in 2022. Season 2 premiered only three months after the first. It will take some time to implement the task, but it will be worthwhile.

Love ft Marriage And Divorce Season 2 Ending Explanation

Spoiler Alert!

Let’s take a look at what happened at the conclusion of Season 2. The show has been full of twists and turns since the beginning. The final episode of the season, like every other episode, had a lot to acknowledge, as well as an unexpected cliffhanger by the end of season 2. The final episode begins with Pi-young. We can see that she is still processing her feelings following her breakup with Yu-shin.

Following the events of the dinner, the episode travels us to an undefined time in the future, where three weddings will take place. We observe Sa-Hyeon, who appears to be his bride-to-be, walking to a wedding car, and his supposed bride-to-be stumbles. We also witness Ji-a paying her father, Yu-shin, a meeting. Ji-a greets her father-son with a deep voice as she approaches the residence.

Yu-shin initially believes his daughter is kidding, but as Dong-mi walks into the room, he realizes she isn’t. Ji-a starts shouting at Dong-mi, and the latter flinches, to recognise that Shin Gi-rim, Yu-shin’s father, had inhabited Ji-a. Ji-a rushes at Dong-mi and suffocates her at the end of the episode, leaving fans waiting for the next season.

This grabbed our interest, to say the least. And it makes us even more interested in seeing what happens in the future season. So, as an official statement is made, we’ll keep everyone informed.

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  1. I would like season 3 to includen a new character to pursue Sa Pi-Young. Someone extremely successful, handsome, alluring, with high standards and great character. Someone who is good on the outside as well as the inside. This will dull all suspicious ideas that Sa Pi-Young had and previous feelings outside of her marriage. Her character, I hope, will remain one of a affluent, Asian woman with values.

  2. Pan Moon-Ho and So Ye-Jung seem to be very poor parents. They don’t care if their son is an adulterer as long as he provided an heir.
    I hope the writers keep true to the forthright, ingenuous character of Pi Young, Lee Si-Eun and Boo Hye-Ryung….strong Asian women enduring hard circumstances. How Shin Yu-Shin could sacrifice Pi Young, Shin Ji-A, his family for the likes of Ah-Mi. I would like a new actor to pursue Pi Young. A real rival for Shin Yu-Shin. Someone who is good on the outside and the inside; someone Shin Ji-A truly likes; someone who is handsome, alluring and smart.

    • They are not poor parents, their son’s wife was really bad to their son. Not a married type at all.. she never was a good wife. So I don’t blame the parents at all

  3. At the third season boo hye ryung should resign her job since she is devastated with the divorce and move to canada where she hide her pregnancy that her ex husband doesn’t know about it and definitely she meet another guy character involved to compete with her ex husband .. a person that highly more standard and treated her the way she is..because her ex husband he doesn’t look for a wife what he is looking for is a woman just like her mom that can cook …that’s why he found an older woman that he marry … but sad to say the lawyers character and the wife is very toxic.. I’ m pretty sure that there is some way that they can twist the story that it is only a dream..

  4. I notice in the last episode of season 2 one of the nurse who pushed the stretcher bed going to the delivery was the lawyers wife boo hye ryuong disguising wearing a scrub nurse uniform lol revenge is coming !

  5. So…would love to se Sa pi Young with Seo Ban…they have chemistry and click! Boo Hye Ryung is shallow! Don’t care what happens to that character. The woman who plays the writer will take back her cheating husband…if he hasn’t jumped into the river! But she deserves better! While the lawyer may be a “mama’s boy” there is no denying the love he feels for Song Won! The chemistry between them is white hot!!! I hope that couple stays together in Season 3. Strong acting all the way around!

  6. I would like to see the two older women to have a happy ending but not with there exes but someone new I don’t care about Boo Hye Rung she is just materialistic but I want to see A mi being left by shin Yu sin and dong ma put into care she is evil I feel so sorry for Pi young she had to put up with her and a mi all while her mother was dying and he husband staying mute about his affair ; if he still wants his wife why is he allowing those two to live with him

  7. I never knew I would be so hooked on a series I had to read. Great production. Ending of 2nd series lacked some imagination. Or perhaps that was totally intentional. Serious, believable drama throughout.

  8. cant wait for season 3 love this series

    please hurry up we all waiting for season 3 especially after the ending of season 2 where all the couples were swapped with the least expected ones.


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