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“Loki” Star Sophia Di Martino Helps Raise Funds for Ukraine Refugees Through her Sister Katie Di Martino’s Paintings

The Loki star Sophia Di Martino and her sister are also fighting for Ukraine but in their own ways. She recently revealed her sister Katie Di Martino’s paintings on Instagram to raise money for Ukrainian refugees.

The Instagram post says, My sister @katiedimartino has painted two beautiful pieces to raise money for Ukrainian refugees and @chooselove 💗 Please DM her if you’d like to buy one.”

Many Ukrainians have applauded Katie’s effort to contribute to the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war. One fan wrote, “We, here in Ukraine, appreciate all the help the world is giving us. Thank you”. Another fan wrote, “We are very grateful for this”.

About Katie’s artwork

Katie Di Martino is Sophia’s sister and is an illustrator and soft accessories designer. She runs her own website http://www.katiedimartino.com/ where one can raise inquiries for her artwork.

Katie recently created two beautiful paintings titled “‘2nd Happy Place at Sunrise” to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. She also stated all proceeds from the sale shall go to charity to support Ukraine.

In her recent Instagram post, she wrote, that she has decided to paint today as she had been thinking about the people of Ukraine. Her painting comes from the tragic thought of leaving home and all those happy places where these people spent their entire lifetime. Finally, moving to some unknown place. This pain is so unbearable!

The painting reveals natural patterns that are lively and colorful. You’d find many similar yet different details in these two paintings. An artist can well describe this as a “moment of change”. She has tried to find happiness even in times of sorrow through these paintings.

Where will the proceeds go?

The funds raised from these paintings will go to a Nonprofit organization “Choose Love”. It is a fundraising organization that supports refugees and displaced people globally. The UK-based NGO provides humanitarian aid and advocacy for such refugees.

In 2016, Choose Love became the largest grassroots distributor of aid in Europe. Celebrities who have endorsed, advocated, partnered and performed for fund-raising events under this NGO include Pamela Anderson, Tom Odell, Jude Law and many more.

A ray of hope

The actress from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is enthusiastically supporting her sister Katie Di Martino for this kind gesture. Katie’s Instagram post reveals that these paintings are already sold. I am sure this will help provide some relief and support to the refugees who are migrating from Ukraine to Poland.

Russia hasn’t stopped in its efforts to break down Ukraine and it continues to do so. Many people across the globe have even volunteered to physically fight for Ukraine. Therefore, it’s important for world citizens to come forward and help this country in any manner possible.

That’s what Katie DI Martino has done! She used her talent to help Ukraine in this fight. This stands as a message to those who have the resources to help this beautiful country and its people.

What do you think about Katie’s work? I say, Kudos Katie and Sophia!

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