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Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 will Not be Happening

This is probably going to be a big bummer for all the DC fans as there is some bad news. We all know that when we come across a TV show that becomes an inevitable part of our lives.

The emotional bond with the show can sometimes develop to such high levels that we don’t want it to end. But, unfortunately, this is what happens in this rapidly changing world. 

This is what brings us to admit that the iconic superhero show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is canceled by the original network CW. The American superhero series based on the characters from the DC Comics won’t be returning for season 8. 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is undeniably one of the elaborated superhero shows that happened on TV since 2016. The Waverider legends gave us a pretty amazing 7 seasons that hooked our eyes with their impressive writing and thrilling cast.

With its latest installment released in March 2022, the show has left fans wondering whether their favorite superhero show is thinking of coming back with the 8th season. Here’s everything you should know.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’s Canceled At The CW After Seven Seasons

The Waverider’s legends first appeared on our TV screens in 2016 and nothing has been the same since then. The CW series is created by Keto Shimizu who is also the showrunner for the incredible show Arrowverse from the house of CW. 

Considering the series life span started in 2016, the characters have successfully marked themselves in the heart of fans with their distinctive personalities. 

The streaming network CW is known for ending their long running shows in a respectful manner, giving them a proper goodbye, but this season of Legends ended on a cliffhanger.

A few sources say the characters can start their habitat in another dimension in the DC Arrowverse which is great news as you’ll be able to see your favorite characters again!

Why Isn’t DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Coming for season 8?

For those who seem to have sitting tight to their chair waiting to get a justified ending for the season 7’s cliffhanger.

We have unsettling news for you; the show won’t be coming for another season as the creator Keto Shimizu has confirmed the cancelation of the show via her Twitter. 

The showrunner has penned down her thoughts after CW’s official cancelation update. She shared the news with her fans saying that the show had an incredible run and the CW has canceled the show.

She added that she’s heartbroken but also grateful for such an amazing cast and fans. 


One of the major reasons for dismissing the show despite leaving the previous season on a cliffhanger is that CW has a reputation for shows running on good ratings and audience response.

However, the previous season was not able to perform on the predictable ratings and marks. After receiving such ratings for the show, the network has decided to not explore the show ahead. 

As much as it was appreciated by the loyal DC fanatics, the show could not pick up decent ratings. On the bright side, there are rumors floating around of a spin-off with the same characters, if that makes you feel any better. 

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