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Last Voyage of the Demeter: What Do We Know So Far?

Last Voyage of the Demeter is an upcoming American horror movie directed by André Øvredal. The screenplay of the movie is written by Zak Olkewicz which based on a story by Bragi Schut. In June 2021, principal photography in Berlin began. Later, shooting took place in Malta.

Amblin Entertainment has revealed that the upcoming Dracula-inspired movie is done shooting. The Last Voyage of the Demeter has concluded shooting after a lengthy phase of development. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming movie from the famous director of The Autopsy of Jane Doe and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Let’s get right into the proper details.

Expected Story Of Last Voyage Of The Demeter

In Bram Stoker’s classic story, Demeter was the designation of the ship that conveyed Dracula from Transylvania to London. The ship washes up on the British shores, ragged and damaged, with one raving-mad survivor in that 1897 tale.

In Brief, the Russian schooner Demeter was contracted to convey private cargo, twenty-four unidentified wooden crates – from Carpathia to London, and this is the story that unfolds in Last Voyage of the Demeter.

The movie will depict the unusual occurrences that occurred to the unfortunate crew as they attempted to withstand the ocean voyage while being hounded by a menacing presence onboard the ship each night. It was a wreck when it finally arrived near Whitby Harbor. The crew was nowhere to be found.

The Movie Was In Development For Nearly 2 Decades

Bragi Schut created the first draft of the screenplay for Last Voyage of the Demeter in 2002, with director Robert Schwentke on board. The movie, however, spent nearly two decades in development hell, with multiple other directors linked to it.


In October 2019, it was announced André Øvredal would direct the film with Amblin Partners set to produce. A tweet was also posted regarding the confirmation of this upcoming movie.

“Cheers to director André Øvredal and his talented cast and hardy crew on the completion of principal photography for THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER. You are the lifeblood of this creative endeavor, and as we all know, the blood is the life…”

Last Voyage Of The Demeter Release Date

Good News! The release date of Last Voyage of the Demeter was also released in September, 2021. “The Last Voyage of the Demetersets sails, only in theaters, January 27, 2023.”

Last Voyage Of The Demeter Upcoming Cast

Last Voyage Of The Demeter, will star Corey Hawkins. Javier Botet will also adopt the mantle of the world’s most famous vampire in the movie. Along with these characters, there are a slew of others who have been confirmed, which we’ve listed below.

  • David Dastmalchian as Wojchek
  • Liam Cunningham
  • Aisling Franciosi as Anna
  • Jon Jon Briones
  • Stefan Kapičić
  • Nikolai Nikolaeff
  • Woody Norman
  • Martin Furulund
  • Chris Walley

Well, we can’t wait to see this splendid Dracula movie. However, we will have to wait until 2023! In any case, continue to stay tuned with us for further developments on numerous categories.

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