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Lamar Odom Regains Control Over His Instagram Account After Being Locked Out By Ex-Manager

Lamar Odom has finally regained control over his Instagram account. The ex-NBA star, who was locked out of his own social media handle by his ex-manager, had been fighting to possess his page back.

Odom’s new manager helped him in the process of getting access to his Instagram account back, which he had lost in late July. Read on to know the complete details of the development.

Lamar Odom Regains Access to his Instagram Page

The 42 year old former basketball player got control over his Instagram page on Thursday. Announcing his return with a story, he wrote, “I’m back! Got access to my account thanks to Instagram. Anything you saw posted in my story or on my page was not me posting or commenting from this page.”

Lamar further thanked Gina Rodriguez from his new management team, Gitoni for getting things back on track. As per sources close to the situation, Rodriguez was continuously in talks with Meta, Instagram’s parent company, to set things right. She showed evidence to the concerned authorities at the tech major that proved Lamar was locked out of his account.

Odom even had to pay a visit to Instagram headquarters in California this week. Meta finally took action, and he got hold of his social media account. Following his return, all the previous posts on his profile have been deleted. Odom has a verified profile with over 827k followers.

Odom’s Ex-Manager had Locked him out of Instagram

The whole fiasco started when Odom left his ex-manager on July 19. His lawyer asked the ex-manager to turn over all login information for his Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. However, the ex-manager had changed the login credentials without the knowledge of Odom.

The ex-manager ignored the lawyer’s requests and held onto Odom’s social media accounts without his permission. They even started posting on his official page without his approval, which made things even worse. They were trying to make money out of his social media posts before he could regain control.

At the time, frustrated Odom had lashed out at his ex-manager and said, “my social media is not yours! If I chose to leave, that’s the decision I make. Your decision shouldn’t be to highjack my social media.”

The drama could have cost the sportsperson a fortune, as his new manager had over 15 deals lined up for him, including those of CBD, cars, clothing, hotels, beverages, and restaurants. But his team was not able to finalize the deals without his social media accounts.

Lamar Recently Moved to Los Angeles

Lamar was in the news recently as he moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles. He went house hunting in Hidden Hills, California, this week. The house he explored is just a few minutes away from his ex-wife Khloé Kardashian’s residence. 

Last month, he jokingly said that Khloé should have ‘hollered’ at him for another child instead of having a second baby with he rex Tristan Thompson. Talking about Thompson’s cheating scandal, he remarked, “Oh, he got caught cheating again? And they’re going to have another baby? She could have hollered at me for that.”

Well now that he got his social media back, Lamar can surely have a sigh of relief. Stay tuned for more news and updates.



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