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Kim Dickens Returns as Madison Clark in Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

Madison Clark once quoted- “No One’s Gone Until They’re Gone”. Justifying the quote, Fear the Walking Dead is now set to re-introduce Kim Dickens’s character- Madison, in the 2nd part of Season 7. While the series departs some unusual characters, it also reinstates some previous characters. Hence, no one could expect a character to be totally dead. Likely, AMC Network announced Kim Dickens’ (Madison Clark) return after the midseason finale of season 7. Moreover, the Talking Dead after-show also announced Season 8. Without any further delay, let’s get into all the FTWD action.

Madison Leading Others in FTWD

 Kim Dickens Returns as Madison Clark

Since Madison was one of the initial and prime cast members of the series, fans were shocked to see her demise in season 4. However, the clip didn’t feature her dying and left it as an off-screen death. Kim Dickens was disheartened to know about her character’s sudden demise.

Nevertheless, the franchise also wanted to introduce Morgan Jones (Lenny James) in Fear the Walking Dead. Coming from The Walking Dead, Morgan’s addition to the series enlightened the fans. Viewing him as the new lead certainly increased the show’s popularity. At the same time, the fans always felt Madison’s absence. Once hailed as a strong, virtuous, and heroic character, Kim Dickens will be back in FTWD. While dying in Season 4, Madison Clark said, “No one’s gone.” Four years later, the character will return in the second half of Season 7 which will air in 2022. Also, Talking Dead confirmed the eighth Season. Hence, we’ll get to see Kim in Season 8 as well.

Morgan As New Lead in FTWD

How Can Madison Return After Dying?

Talking about The Walking Dead or its spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead, a character’s return is always possible. Unless the show provides an on-screen death, we can always expect the character to return. Signifying how important Kim Dickens’ character- Madison Clark was, her death in Season 4 was an off-screen one. Hence, Fear the Walking Dead┬ánever fetched the viewers her death. Thus, let’s roll back to her demise in Season 4 to know about her return.

During the 8th episode of Season 4, Fear the Walking Dead featured Kim Dickens’ unexpected death. However, the episode’s name was No One’s Gone, and the fans always had theories about her return. While saving her children, Nick and Alicia Clark, Madison got trapped inside the walls of the stadium. Since there was no other exit, and the stadium was jammed with Walkers, Madison was presumed dead.

Madison Surrounded By Fire and Walkers

Nevertheless, in Season 6, Alicia Clark met some other survivors of the stadium incident. Exploring the lands with Dakota and Teddy, Alicia met Cole, Strand, Nick, and Luciana. However, there was no news about her mother- Madison Clark. Certainly, Alicia reuniting with survivors of stadium fire signified Kim Dickens’s potential return. Conclusively, AMC is set to bring back Kim in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7.

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How Does Kim’s Return Affect The Ongoing Storyline?

Madison Clark has been a foundational character in the series. Also, she’s been the core strength during her run in Fear the Walking Dead. Her return will indeed increase the morale of others. On the other hand, there were some rumors about her character. While we want to see Kim as the hero we needed, the show may have some other plans. Conclusively, her character may return as an antagonist. Since she was in a stadium fire, we may also see some burnt marks giving her an antagonist’s look. Let’s see how her character affects the storyline in April 2022. Lastly, her quote, “No One’s Gone Until They’re Gone” proves to be true. Apart from the AMC network, season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead is also available on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

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