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Khloé Kardashian Training To Un-Love Tristan, Reveals She’s Done Having More Kids

During her appearance on the Oct. 27 episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, Khloe revealed about what she meant when she said she’s learning to un-love her ex-Tristan Thompson, who’s been creating much drama in her life lately. Khloe also revealed that she won’t be having more kids after giving birth to her son, via surrogacy with Tristan.

Training To Un-Love Tristan Thompson…

Khloe Kardashian, who recently spoke about all the commotion with Tristan on the Oct. 27 episode of ‘The Kardashians’, explained the whole situation during her appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. She revealed what she meant when she spoke about learning to un-love Tristan.

When asked by Kelly, “You opened up this season that you’re training to un-love your ex Tristan Thompson, so how’d you do that, asking for a friend?” the two stars first laughed, and Kelly then went on saying that it’s hard and “the most ridiculous thing sometimes” and I don’t think that kind of love goes away.

And when host Kelly Clarkson brought up the notion that she may always love someone she was previously involved with, Khloe agreed. On her views about ex-husband Lamar Odom, she said: “My ex-husband, I genuinely still love and I want the best for him and I’m rooting for him.” However, she acknowledged that everyone changes and evolves, saying that sometimes “it’s just not a right fit for you.”

About un-loving Tristan, with whom Khloe shares two children, the 38-year-old entrepreneur revealed that when she said she’s learning to un-love Tristan, she thinks people, whether it be family or friends or anyone that you’re telling your story to, they’re like: “Okay so move on.” But then, she’s like, “I know, but it’s not that easy.”

“Just even the habits that you built, the repetition, the routine, like when something good happened, I would call Tristan and when something bad I called him, that’s what I did. Any little thing, I would share my life with him,” she added. Khloe revealed that learning to reprogram herself, even though someone did something bad to her, doesn’t just mean there’s a wall, and she built it up.

She also knows that this isn’t the right thing for her, and she needs to slowly heal and move on, but it doesn’t happen overnight. On this, Kelly revealed that she feels what Khloe meant, as “in therapy too, I remember, she said something like, you know it took you how long to fall in love? “So at least, it’s gonna take you that amount of time to move on,” she added. Kelly Clarkson was referring to her divorce from Brandon.

No One Know What Goes Inside…

Khloe Kardashian continued the conversation by saying that no one really understands when you’re in the public eye. “Even I think sometimes even close family and friends don’t know the whole situation,” she added. Kelly mentioned, “I am very outgoing and don’t have a filter, but like I can filter.”

As for Khloe, she has always been really proud of herself for the way that she is still able to love people even if they’ve wronged her and still live with it. “But other people are like, oh you need to be more vindictive or get them back or an eye for an eye. I am so not that person,” she added. For her, it’s a waste of energy and she really doesn’t care that much to respond in that way. That’s not just her personality.

Khloe added, that it also “shows our kids so much”. “I think that we are allowed sometimes when people hurt you, it’s not even personal,” she explained. Kelly added, “yea, sometimes they’re hurting too.” Khloe revealed that we’re all here to make mistakes and are all on a journey of ‘not perfection’ of the journey, of just figuring out our stuff, and sometimes people make mistakes at our expense. “But I don’t think that’s a reflection of me,” she explained.

She revealed that it’s their journey and if she can be strong enough to endure it and say “you know what? You’re forgiven but I am still gonna walk away” but just to show my kids that I can still love someone that’s made mistakes. “I think that’s a powerful thing,” she added. According to Khloe, for her kids to see that that’s everlasting love, and that’s a love that transcends all areas. So you can still very much love people, even if they make mistakes.

Well, I don’t know if that applies to those who can openly cheat on you, which is a fundamental “no” to any serious relationship, and if people still do that, then, believe me, it never loves. However, it appears like instead of un-loving Tristan, Khloe is actually planning to take his offer of building a family.

On the Oct. 27 episode of The Kardashians, Khloe reflected on causing a commotion at the April premiere of the Hulu reality series. At the time, she screamed “liar” as a scene played out with ex-Tristan Thompson talking about wanting to build a family together.

“I felt as if the whole theatre was staring at me,” Khloe said in a confession about the NBA star. “I was just like, ‘This is so awkward.’ Because it’s like, ‘what a crock of s–t. What the f–k? I believed you and I was listening to you and I was receiving everything you said. But you’re a f–king liar!'” As for her outburst? Well, “It just came out,” she explained. “I probably made it a lot more awkward than it needed to be. Story of my life.”

Done Having Children…

The Good American co-founder also revealed she’s done having children. The news comes just two months after she welcomed her second baby, a son, with ex Tristan via surrogate. If you’re not aware, Tristan was caught cheating on her just after this surrogacy. He was Tristan Thompson was proven to have fathered a child while they were publicly dating.

“I have one of both, and I think I’m good, the shop is closed,” she added. Khloé also discussed how different her pregnancy experiences were with each child, as she carried daughter True Thompson, but went with surrogacy to have her son.  As for Tristan, some [people never change, and he’s just addicted to cheating, and Khloe seems to accept it all.

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