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Kanye West Storms Out Of Tim Pool Interview, Compares Himself To Martin Luther King

Ye, white nationalist Nick Fuentes and alt-right political commentator and self-described “ex-gay” Milo Yiannopoulos’s recent appearance on the Timcast IRL podcast on Monday (Nov. 28) night broke the internet instantly. The conversation, specifically aimed at Ye’s recent meeting with Donald Trump, however, didn’t go out as planned.

Things do turn messy when three “purveyors of bigotry” gather at the same place. Well, YouTuber Tim Pool may have challenged Kanye West a bit too much. When questioned about his anti-Semitic comments, the Donda rapper didn’t think twice before abruptly storming out of his podcast show.

What Happened At Tim Pool’s Show?

Kanye West appeared on Timcast IRL podcast on Monday (Nov. 28) following his infamous meeting with former president Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Beside him, sat some of the most controversial figures like white nationalist Nick Fuentes and alt-right political commentator and self-described “ex-gay” Milo Yiannopoulos.

At one point during his conversation with podcaster Tim Pool, Ye was pushed back a little for his uninterrupted anti-semitic rants against the Jews. Pool said, “I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.” When the “Donda” rapper asked Ye to clarify who he meant by ‘they’, he shot back. Pool replied: ‘The corporate press”. However, Ye didn’t seem satisfied with Pool’s response.

At this point, white nationalist Nick Fuentes interrupted and stated, “It is them, though, isn’t it?”, again referring to Jewish people. Before the host could put in another word, Kanye rose from his chair and stormed out of the studio. Later during this interview, a producer revealed that Ye, Milo and Nick left together in a car, claiming that Ye was not angry at Tim, but his issue was “getting cut off”.

Pool Calls West’s Antics As ‘Woke’

At one point in the interview, Pool began to question Kanye’s thought process on Jewish people. On this Kanye stated: “Have you ever heard the term, ‘The Black vote’? So, it’s OK to put us in one net, but it’s not OK for me to put them in one net?” West even continued to threaten the host to walk off the show if he kept defending his thoughts on Jewish people.

“I’m literally gonna walk the f-off the show if I’m sitting up here having to, you know, talk about, ‘You can’t say that it was Jewish people that did it,’ when every sensible person knows that,” Kanye revealed. However, he kept a controlled approach while pouring out things unlike before.

In a rambling rant, West even compared himself to Martin Luther King. He said, “I thought I was more Malcolm X but I found out I’m more MLK. As I’m getting hosed down every day by the press and financially, I’m just standing there.” The rapper also defended Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who similarly posted antisemitic material, and talked about the true “bloodlines” of Black people.

Tim Pool’s podcast clearly indicated that the host may have pushed back more, but he did forcefully denounce antisemitism on-air, and tried finding a common ground. During his interview with the trio, Pool asked Nick: “Nick, they call you a white supremacist, but you’re here working with or for, you know, one of the most powerful Black men.”

As for this show, Pool’s decision for inviting Nick, Ye and Yiannopoulos was aimed at providing them with a platform as big as his show, was a mistake. “Tim, don’t have these people on. They’re bad people.” Pool claimed he was told.

From his point of view, the show did serve its purpose, even though partly, because all three refused to engage in lengthy debates and pour out their beliefs. “I think you should all invite them on,” Pool insisted. “I think if anything is bad for their ideas, it’s exactly what just happened.” When West stormed out, Pool described his antics as “woke”.

Before storming off, Ye went on to claim he believes that God is taking everything away from him for him to be used as an empty vessel. West has been cancelled out by big brands and forums for his constant anti-semitic rants and hate speech against the Jewish community. What do you think about this podcast?

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