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Is Spy x Family Canceled? Viral TikTok Rumors Explored

The rumors of Spy X Family being canceled are all fake, started by a TikTok video that falsely accuses Spy X Family of sexualizing children.

What happens when one of the most beloved anime is shown to a bunch of privileged nobodies who try acting all high mighty by being the worst thing that they could be, woke. Of course, they blame the media for sexualizing little kids.

The Original TikTok Starting Spy X Family Being Cancelled

The TikTok appeared not long after the first episode dropped worldwide, last Saturday. This is a photo revealing the utter stupidity of the situation.

This TikTok seems to be showing the scene where Anya has passed the examination and Twilight (Loid) picks her up. This is shown as the first time that the spy has felt relaxed in a while. Showing him opening up to another person.

The Ugly Mentality of Gen Z

The issue that the original TikTok post had was with the way that Anya was shown around Loid, ‘red circles coming on her cheek’ as the person said while defending his statement in his comments section of the TikTok.

The first thing this man doesn’t know is that ‘red circles coming on her cheek’ is a visual way of telling the viewers that the character is simply blushing. If you think that blushing is a way to sexualize a character then you are very wrong.

Let’s just play the scene bit by bit. Here, Anya, a girl who has been through four foster parents and two orphanages only to end up at the low maintenance and dirty orphanage that we meet her in, has finally done something that amounts to happiness for another person.

This other person, in her eyes, may be the last person she thinks would take her in his care. So doing something amazing in their eyes made her blush, which in Japanese media indicates being happy, is a very appropriate reaction to show.

It is baffling to even think that some people in this generation would think that all anime, a medium where time and again it is shown that the limits for animation are taken to new heights, is derogatory and sexualized.

Twitter Slams Down the TikTok

Fortunately, when the original TikTok post started getting some attention Twitter came to the rescue with its army of Spy X Family fans and people who had some brains in their heads.

One tweet restated the same fact that when the masses are given something as amazing as Spy X Family, they try to find holes in it only to get their 2 minutes of fame.

Another tweet professed their love for the anime as well as the wholesome relationship that Anya and Loid share. Citing that woke TikTok has really lost its mind.

The last tweet here made such a great commentary on the whole topic. Saying that sexualization is 100% projection by the people on TikTok.

Well, now that you know that the claims of Spy X Family sexualizing a 6-year-old Anya are truly false, go check the first episode of the anime on Crunchyroll ASAP. If not, you’re missing a whole lot of things.

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