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Is Big Shot Season 3 Happening At Disney+?

David E. Kelley, Dean Lorey, and Brad Garrett created the sports comedy series Big Shot. the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on October 12, 2022.

However, since the season’s release, enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating its continuation. Marvyn Korn, a volatile basketball coach fired from the University of Wisconsin, decides to move to California to mentor a girls’ basketball team at Westbrook School, an elite high school for girls.

The series received positive feedback from the audience, so let’s discover more about the renewal status.

The Renewal Of Big Shot Season 3 Is Dicey

As of this writing, neither the creators nor the streaming platform had announced the third season. That’s understandable given that the second season was just released. The viewership and feedback of the audience are extremely important before renewing a show for another season.

It also takes some time to evaluate the performance before renewing it. Big Shot season 3 could perhaps take some time if we are getting another season.

Big Shot Has Been Nearly Cancelled

Recently, the series had its ups and downs. John Stamos spoke about Big Shot nearly being canceled after season one premiered.

He explained, “I loved that I was part of the beginning of Disney+. If I weren’t there, I’d be like, ‘I want to get on Disney+.’”

Then added, “‘Big Shot’ was not getting picked up after last year. We were on episode eight or nine out of 10, and I remember saying, ‘Let’s just pick the show up now, we’ll take a month off, write new scripts, ‘cause the girls are going to get old.’ They’re like, ‘Let it air first.’ It comes out, it does whatever.

I said, ‘Will you pick it up now?’ ‘Well, let’s see a few more shows.’ Weeks go by and weeks go by; all 10 come out. So I start calling around. It’s like, ‘Well, it didn’t do well in India, because they don’t play basketball’ — all these analytics and graphs and charts.

They know when you turn it on, when you turn it off, when you take a pee, how long the pee was, did you come back after the pee. Once there were the Brandon Tartikoffs [television executive], and these guys who would pick stuff up from their hearts. And so I was waiting for that: ‘Where’s Disney? You guys are about heart.’”

John Stamos Somehow Saved The Show Before

He further continued, “I said to myself, ‘John, take the hit, it’s not coming back.’ And then in one of the corniest moments of my life, I go, ‘Wait a minute — what would Coach Korn do here? Can I look in the mirror and say I did everything I could to get this show picked up?’

And Peter Rice [then-chairman of Walt Disney Television] lives down the street from me, so I emailed him, ‘Do you want to take a walk around the neighborhood?’ And I poured my heart out about what the show meant to me. Plus, there’s a show with a 98% diverse female cast.

In its DNA it’s about female empowerment. We need these kinds of shows. That was on a Thursday; Friday I get this call from the studio, and I didn’t answer because I knew it was going to be bad. And they called [co-creators] David Kelley and Dean Lorey and said, ‘Sorry, it’s done. We tried.’

And then an hour later they called back and said, ‘Hold on. Apparently, John Stamos took a walk with Peter Rice. And Peter told us to try to find the money for it.’”

What do you think about the renewal status? Do you believe there should be another season of Big Shot? You are welcome to drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. Big Shots should definitely be renewed for a third season. There are not many shows on the air that are focused around female sports but the show also teacher young ladies life lessons and how to deal with some of the challenges that they will face. It also focus on family morals which are hard to find in a show in today day and time.

  2. Absolutely!!! Hopefully l can count down the days to Season 3 soon. I have never binged 7 episodes of anything.They have also put a positive spin on mental health and brought that important issue into the spotlight.

    • I love Big Shot finally a great clean and fresh story that I can watch with my family and I don’t have to worry about cursing, strong sex or even magic. I five it I watch the two seasons in less than a week I couldn’t stop I have to watch it all. Please we want more season’s is very refreshing story with real problems. Thanks

    • As a semi retired coach this series needs to renew. It’s great have a series with a coach who cares for his team. To make it a 90% female cast it’s even better it needs to renew for at least 2 more season.

  3. Please renew Big Shot. I am really invested in these characters and the season 2 ending left us with a number of stories that are just beginning. Love this shoe

    • My family
      Just finished season 2. This is a wonderful show that is not saccharine sweet. It is a feel good show that shows ups and downs which make it realistic. The diverse cast is welcome. Well written and uplifting. Please renew – this is the type of programming we need and want!

  4. Absolutely, Season 3 please! Our entire family loves this show. We need female empowerment series like Big Shot. Keep Big Shot going. Renew for season 3. ❤️

  5. Yes! Definitely need a season 3. They all did really good and the empowerment for woman is good. I have a 15 year old daughter who plays basketball and loves how this team comes together and fights to stay in the games. We love both seasons and hope it continues as well.

  6. Just discovered this show and have been binge watching every day. Best show in a long time! Definitely should be renewed for season 3

  7. 2 really good seasons but lots of things to resolve so surely there has to be a season 3 before the girls get too old to be schoolgirls

  8. Great show! John Stamos & the whole cast did a fabulous job. Very entertaining, funny, drama/also a great show to watch with the family.
    Looking forward to season three🙏

    the Up Late with Johnny Potenza show
    aka Late Night with Johnny P

  9. Big Shots is one show my whole family absolutely loves. There are my quality shows out there for a family of all ages agree upon but this one is tops. Love the focus on women athletics and the inequalities that it has but also the lessons life teaches the younger generation. The writing and acting are fantastic. Disney has a gem here with plenty of room to explore, educate and entertain us. Please, please renew this wonderful show.

  10. Good grief. Finally something to watch on TV and you are going to cancel it. I hope not.Disney plus is the only streaming channel I get and is such a relief from all the other stuff on. I am 75 years old and I have seen a lot of TV .

  11. I love this show! It’s got comedy and some drama, but at the end of the day, I feel it’s biggest attribute is HEART. The story, the characters, they all have heart. PLEASE PLEASE DISNEY, pick up season 3!


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