Notable Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan revealed he had cancer earlier this year. In a recent interview to the Associated Press while promoting his latest Hollywood release “The Puzzle,” the award-winning actor reveals the new perspective and clarity he has found in this challenging time.

Khan candidly spoke to the Associated Press about his health. He stated that this new challenge in life has changed his perspective dramatically. He said he see’s another side to things and refers to this new stage in his life as “a journey.” His cancer has tested him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Khan also reveals how he was shaken and felt vulnerable at the start.

“But slowly, there is another way to look at things that is much more powerful and much more productive and much more healthy and I just want people to believe that nature is much more trustworthy and one must trust that,” Khan said in his interview with the AP. “The problem with me initially was everyone was speculating whether I would be out of this disease or not. Because it’s not in my hand. That’s nature that will do whatever it has to do. What is in my hand, I could take care of that. And it offers so much that you feel thankful. The way it is opening your windows to look at life. I would have never reached that state even if I had done meditation for 30 years, I wouldn’t have reached it. But this sudden jolt has put me into a platform where I could look at things in a completely different manner. And for that I am really thankful. It sounds strange, but they should trust nature rather than feel sad, and trust that whatever the outcome, it will be for good and it will be for the best.”

He goes on to say that his life is unpredictable now and he lets things flow. He always felt like something was missing “There was a kind of disharmony in myself. It was bothering me,” Khan said in the interview. This newfound spontaneity is exactly what he had been missing. Now, he is enjoying not having every day planned out to the minute.

“But life is so mysterious and has so much to offer, we don’t really try things,” Khan said. “And I’m trying and I’m loving it. I’m in a really fortunate state.”

He is in London for treatment of his neuroendocrine tumor. He is currently on his fourth cycle of chemotherapy out of six. His scan was positive after the third cycle and he has to wait until the sixth cycle for another scan and update. Khan explained how he cannot avoid his health but chooses to focus on all the wonderful things his life has to offer. This process has brought much clarity to him.

“..clarity came like lightning,” Khan said in the interview. “You stop your contemplation, you stop your planning, you stop the noise. You see the other aspect of it. It gives you so much. Life offers you so much. That’s why I feel like I have no other words but thanks. There are no other words, there’s no other demand, there’s no other prayer.”


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