juggy d, rishi rich, ikka, get down
Image Source: "Get Down" video screenshot via YouTube

Indo-British singer and urban desi music legend Juggy D experiments with the different side of his music by stepping onto the Punjabi hip-hop scene. He is teaming up with producer Rishi Rich for his latest single “Get Down.”

This is the first time the duo have reunited since they released “Freak” along with Jay Sean in 2015. However, the duo have upped their game with this latest single.

Juggy D is known for his catchy lyrics and pop-bhangra jams but this time, he takes on the genres of hip-hop and techno. The song has a dark edge, with Juggy D rapping almost the entire track, something we don’t normally see him doing. The single sounds like it is heavily inspired by Jay-Z and Dr. Dre’s unreleased track “No Pressure,” as the compositions have many similarities.

The song also features the talents of Indo-British rapper Ikka and even Rishi Rich hits the mic to drop a few lines on the track. “Get Down” was written and composed by Juggy D, Rishi Rich, Ikka and Kiranee.

Juggy D also experimented with this music video, the song is conceptualized uniquely in all dark colors and shades of green light.

Juggy D is truly expanding his repertoire with this track and adding versatility to his career. In just 3 days the song already has over 2.5 million hits!



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