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Hunter X Hunter Manga Return Confirmed by Author Togashi

The Hunter X Hunter return is confirmed and the entire anime world is crying tears of joy for Togashi’s return to Shonen Jump after 4 years.

As Spy X Family is currently taking the world by storm, another manga with X in the middle is coming back to do the same. Togashi is continuing the story of Hunter X Hunter and we can’t stop panting over its release.

Hunter X Hunter Returning

The story of Togashi’s announcement about the return of Hunter X Hunter was an interesting one, to say the least. As the story begins when the below tweet was circling Twitter captioned ‘4 more episodes for the time being.’

While many people online had speculated that this could be a prank from a troller trying to stir up content around the popular series. It was all laid to rest as it was discovered that the One Punch Man mangaka was following the account.

They commented on the post ‘I was with this person.’ And that was all the internet wanted to confirm the existence of Togashi’s first ever account. With the information that Hunter X Hunter might be returning the internet blew up and this tweet along with Hunter X Hunter started trending.

Why Hunter X Hunter is on Hiatus

Hunter X Hunter is a series which has been in serialization since 1998. Regarded as a perfect shonen with the Chimera Ant Arc and York New City being two of shonen’s most beloved stories.

It has two anime adaptations with the 2011 adaptation suspected to restart as the manga moves forward.

So it might be a shock that the series keeps going on hiatus from time to time. Since 2016, the manga has since inconsistencies in release but the current hiatus takes the cake for being the longest time a manga series has gone on hiatus.

The reason behind the hiatus is Yoshiro Togashi, the mangaka himself. Having given the world one of the peak shonen manga series in Yu Yu Hakusho, Togashi started Hunter X Hunter with the hopes of perfecting his art.

But his serious back issues have put him on bed rest. And like the rigid traditions and customs of Japanese people, Togashi vowed to illustrate the manga himself, leading to these frequent bumps in the completion of the manga.

Twitter Reactions

The fans have been waiting for around 4 years and the fans have something to say. But more than saying all of them seem to be in tears about Togashi’s health and the return of the series.

This fan is a living example. With a flurry of crying face emojis and fire emojis, the tweet encapsulates everything we want to tell you about the fans’ reaction to the news.

Citing the great rapper Meek Mill’s lyrics, we all have been waiting for times like this. Because there isn’t any time we’d rather be in except when Togashi is releasing new chapters of Hunter X Hunter.

With the release of Chainsaw Man anime, and a lot of light novel adaptations returning to anime. This is the biggest news that has shaken the whole otaku landscape for real.

Well, that is all for now, but if you want more Hunter X Hunter content to light up your day. We’ll be posting the review and breakdown of every chapter that is released as soon as possible, bringing you the best of Hunter X Hunter and Togashi.

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