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How I Met Your Father Release Date and Trailer

Who thought we’d ever get a spin-off show ‘How I Met Your Father’? As cool as it sounds, we’re hoping the sitcom is going to be spectacular. Following the cancellation of the 2014 CBS pilot How I Met Your Dad, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger were slated to create a new version of the previous spin-off.

The show was then retitled as ‘How I Met Your Father‘, with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas serving as executive producers. But How I Met Your Father will undoubtedly be entertaining, you know why? Because we already have a trailer. Umm, this was intended to be revealed towards the conclusion, but okay.

‘How I Met Your Father’ Story Description

How I Met Your Father has been described as ‘A story that catapults us back to the year 2021, where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options.’

This spin-off show is going to be amazing. If you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother, you will definitely understand.

‘How I Met Your Father’ Official Release Date

Oh my goodness! You’re going to learn a lot of stories.

This upcoming spin-off show, of course, has a release date. Because the update release date was so exciting, we skipped right over the production updates.

The series is officially scheduled to premiere on Hulu on January 18, 2022. And this season of the show will include a total of 10 Episodes. ‘Pilot’ is the title of the first episode of the show. Watch the official announcement, along with the poster of ‘How I Met Your Father’ below.

‘How I Met Your Father’ Official Trailer Reveal

Are you ready for the first look? Because we are! Trailers always gives us a quick glimpse at what to expect next. And that’s the same scenario of How I Met Your Father.

The official trailer for Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall’s How I Met Your Father on Hulu has been unveiled.

The trailer introduces viewers to Sophie, who guides the complicated highs and lows of contemporary romance with the support of her close-knit group of acquaintances.

Viewers will accompany this close group of people as they experience life and love, much like the initial show, How I Met Your Mother. Watch the official trailer below.

Okay, wait. Watched the trailer? Found something interesting? The trailer also gives us our initial peek at Kim Cattrall’s portrayal Future Sophie as she narrates the story.

As you all know, despite the fact that her How I Met Your Mother counterpart, Bob Saget, never featured on-screen. But in this upcoming spin-off show, we’re getting so many great updates right?

We obviously cannot wait for the premiere of this show. But it’s only a month of waiting. Until then, you may binge-watch the initial show, ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ We will also keep you up to date.

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