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‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Seems Unlikely Given the Conclusion of First Season

Waiting for an anime season can be as challenging as going through a breakup.

This time, it’s Horimiya season 2’s wait. We understand your concern about a possible season if you watched this compelling story. Because, clearly, the anime ‘Hormiya’ was favorably accepted by spectators.

The first season of the anime consists of 13 episodes, and we haven’t heard anything about a second season being renewed.

The plot centers around popular Hori and outlander Miyamura becoming good friends after learning about each other’s genuine characters.

Their love story is what we crave. If you’ve been waiting for the renewal of a second season let’s go through the specifics of it. Because we need answers.

Horimiya Season 2 Renewal Status Explored

We want to see more of Izumi Miyamura and Kyoki Hori’s love story.

But we’ll need another season for that. To remove any misconceptions or concerns, readers should be aware that the show has not been renewed for a second season by the streaming platform or the show’s creators.

Despite positive reviews and intriguing content, we are unlikely to see another season of this show. Why? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it in this article.

The anime series is based on Hiroki Adachi’s manga series, which he wrote and illustrated. The anime had a magnificent ending, and it was certainly the kind of ending we had been hoping for since the beginning of the show.

Let us look at the potential of another season.

Horimiya Season 2 Seems Unlikely Given The Conclusion Of The Initial Season

We all agree that the show has not been renewed for another season, which means it has not yet been canceled. In the case of anime series, we usually have no idea whether we will get another season or not.

And it is for this reason that we must assume it ourselves. But, given the conclusion of Horimiya’s initial season, it was actually perfect.

There were no loose ends or cliffhangers that should have been resolved in a subsequent season. It appears that this show was created with the intention of becoming a one-season stand-alone.

Even if the finale was satisfactory, you may be wondering why there wouldn’t be another season. We thought about that as well. But wait, there’s more.

To commence with, the first season of Horimiya concluded the entire plot of the manga. Yes, and there is no more content for a new season or anything else that will keep the show going.

The show has already concluded the publication of Chapter 122. If you watched the conclusion of the show and read manga, you’d understand what we’re talking about.

Though there is no chance of the show being renewed, spectators are still holding out hope because it was not canceled.

We definitely need an official confirmation, don’t you think? In the meantime, you can watch more shows that are likely to be related to Horimiya.

Little About The Show ‘Horimiya’

Before we wrap up this article, let’s take a look back at this wonderful series and its engaging storyline. And those who haven’t seen it yet can get a brief synopsis of the scenario. Seems like a good deal, doesn’t it?

The romance narrative in the show centers on two opposing characters. Isn’t it true that opposites attract? That is most likely the case here. Hori is a popular girl who combines beauty and intelligence. On the other hand, there is our main character, Miyamura.

He’s actually aloof from everyone. Despite their opposing characteristics, they become friends and spend time together before things take a turn as they start feeling for each other.

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful love story? If you haven’t seen the show yet, now is the time to do so. And if you already did you can stay tuned with us for more updates.

Also, you are welcome to share your thoughts on this incredible show’s plot in the comment section below.

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