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Here are The Amazing Locations where ‘Dune’ was Filmed

The best science fiction movies transport us to worlds beyond our wildest dreams. Imagining inconceivable futures that inevitably affect our own technological advancements.

Great science fiction combines mind-blowing images with mind-blowing ideas, investigating everything from the human experience to humanity’s destiny.

Perhaps that’s why we like them so much. Do you know that on October 1, 2021, a new sci-fi/adventure movie was released? Which is officially titled as ‘Dune’.

Denis Villeneuve (the director of the movie) has spoken openly about his fondness for the theatrical experience, and considering the movies wide number of locations and large-scale action sequences.

Do you want to know the locations where the scenes of this sci-fi movie were shot? If so, let me first give you a short premise of this movie.

If you’ve always wondered where this amazing movie was filmed. Here’s what we know. But before that, let’s know about the movie.

Little About Dune

Paul Atreides, a clever and gifted young man born into a huge destiny beyond his comprehension, must travel to the universe’s most deadly planet to save his family and people.

Only those who can overcome their own fear will live as sinister powers clash over the planet’s only supply of the most valuable substance in existence.

Dune Filming Locations

Now let’s see the filming locations of this spectacular movie, that the viewers always wanted to know.

Dune was shot in the Jordanian and United Arab Emirates deserts, where temperatures exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho) remarked that filming in the desert, where he had to run amid sand and wind, was among the most trying experiences of his life.

Dune was also co-produced at Canada, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Origo Film Studios in Budapest, Hungary, was used to movie a portion of this upcoming adventure SciFi movie.

Planet Caladan

The planet Caladan was shot in Stadlandet, a region of Norway. It was shot in Hungary, Slovakia, Norway, and Jordan, among other places.

Vast desert landscapes on the planet Arrakis, which were also shot in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, which is known for its unique red rock formations.

Filming on the primary set was concluded in July 2019, with Brian Herbert announcing that it was completed on July 26, 2019. More filming took place in Budapest in August 2020, although the film’s original December 2020 release date was not expected to be affected.

And do you know for the movie, around 2,000 visual effect shots were made, Can you believe that? That’s probably why the visuals were beautiful from start to finish.

Hats off to the filmmakers and all of the producers who worked so hard to make this movie interesting to watch and to provide the film with appropriate filming locations. Do you have any more concerns regarding the movie? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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