Netflix has finally released the details on Hasan Minhaj’s new talk show. Titled “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj,” it’s groundbreaking because it makes Minhaj the first Indian-American to host his very own talk show.

The Award-winning comedian and “The Daily Show” correspondent received the green light for a 32-episode weekly show on Netflix. The talk show is slated to debut on October 28 with its first season.

“Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” will take an in-depth look at our sensitive cultural environment and broken political atmosphere with a dose of Minhaj’s unique comedic voice.

Minhaj is the first Indian-American to host a weekly comedy show, which he will also executive produce. The show has already established its own Twitter and Facebook page for Minhaj-ians to follow with updates.

As evidenced by his “Homecoming King” Netflix special, Minhaj is a brilliant storyteller and all-around woke human. In this past few months alone he’s had a comedy film, a sold-out comedy show, wrote for the50th issue of the Ms. Marvel comic, and a supporting role on Mindy Kaling’s “Champions.”

He has been breaking barriers in recently with his rapid rise to fame through comedy. We’re sure the new Netflix show is going to be brilliant!


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