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Hailey Bieber Denies Stealing Justin Bieber From Selena Gomez

To clarify a widespread rumour that Hailey Bieber took Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber says that the notion could not be more false.

Hailey appeared as a guest on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” on Wednesday. When the host, Alex Cooper and Hailey asked if there had been a crossover between Justin and Selena’s relationship and Hailey and Justin’s relationship, in particular just before their marriage, Hailey answered that there had been no overlap.

Hailey Says She Isn’t A Home Wrecker

There is no doubt in Hailey’s mind that it is not valid. In essence, she is saying that she is not a home wrecker and has never been involved in any romantic relationship with Justin when Justin was dating another female, Selena, or anyone else.

In addition, she goes on to explain that she understands from the outside perspective that the timing might appear to be a rapid succession of romances, from Selena to Hailey. Still, she insists she was patient, and she was able to wait. Fans of Selena will also be interested in this part of the interview. Hailey thinks that Selena and Justin 2.0 weren’t as serious as we all thought they were at the time!

There was a lot of hanging out between Justin and Selena in late 2017, and it seemed like they rekindled their relationship till they abruptly separated in early 2018. A relationship with Hailey began shortly after that, and before long, the two were engaged, and before long, they were married.

Hailey says there is more to the dynamics behind what’s happening here than the public may be aware of, but that’s not being said to be a point of contention. Justin is insistent that he has never double dipped with her while she was with another woman while he was with another woman.

The Relationship Between Bieber And Gomez Generated A Lot Of Controversies

The troubled relationship between Bieber and Gomez generated significant heat due to its extenuating circumstances. In November 2017, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were photographed hanging out. Bieber was photographed six months later with Hailey, with whom he also had a romantic history.

In September 2018, the couple married in a courthouse after becoming engaged in July 2018. Throughout the interview, Gomez was continually referred to as “Justin’s ex”, but Hailey made it clear whom she was referring to by giving specific details that made it clear whom she was referring to.

She is most frustrated by the timeline and overlap, or the lack thereof, which are the hallmarks of Hailey’s relationship with Justin Bieber, as well as the misunderstandings and false narratives raised as a result of Hailey’s relationship with him.

Who Is Hailey Bieber?

As well as being an American model, Hailey Bieber is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. In 2014, she launched her modelling career, and since then, she has appeared in many ads and on several runways since launching her career. In 2018, she married Justin Bieber, a singer who has been around for a long time.

Hailey, however, has made sure that the trio is clear of any controversies. Now that fans have received their answers, let’s hope they are happy with them. Please keep checking back with us for more such celebrity gossip in the future.

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