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Gravity Falls Season 3: Find out the Latest Updates

When speaking of cartoons and about them, Gravity Falls has to be on the watchlist for most of us. Just like many other cartoons doing rounds here and there, we have Gravity Falls in our list of favorites.

Hours of binge-watching into the show isn’t enough and you certainly are going to agree with me when you watch the show for yourself. Alex Hirsch has done a wonderful job in creating the show.

With an incredible script as this show has, it has been an absolute favorite for so many kids. Now, getting straight to the point, is it coming back for more seasons? If yes, when? Are the internet rumors right? Let’s find it all out, shall we?

The Overview

The show premiered on Disney+ and was a very popular one amongst kids. The fanbase of the show was gigantic and definitely, this show took Disney+ to a whole different level.

Fans and kids still love the show.

The initial season was released back in 2012 and two years later, it had season 2. The TRP even after two years kept its place. Nothing new since this is sort of expected from a show as brilliant as this one, right?

Fans have been loyal to the show and their thirst for Season 3 is still making noise. Let’s see if there is a chance.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release eDate – When?

The popularity of the show has gained so much love and attention from fans that ruling out the possibility of an upcoming season might make them sad.

Unfortunately, right now, there is no announcement for Gravity Falls Season 3. Chances are, you might never see a season again on your television. You might want to revise the other seasons to keep the show in your memory.

Right now, all the rumors that you might have been hearing about Season 3 are false.

However, there is some news that is doing rounds. Alex Hirsch is on his way to plan a spin-off episode for Gravity Falls. Don’t trust it just yet.

Gravity Falls Season 3

Until confirmation is out, we would like to keep quiet about it. But either way, a spin-off could be fun. Going by the stats, the creators have officially canceled the show. Season 2 is supposedly the last and final season of Gravity Falls.

To be completely honest, a new season of the show is going to be complete fun. But hey, it’s not us who are the decision-makers.

Fingers’ Crossed.

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    • GRAVITY FALLS IMFO ON SEASON 3: so the series was made in 2012 and was canceled in season 2 in 2016, but the creator of the series said in 2018 season 3 was coming out but that NEVER happened, in then in 2019 he said in 2020 season 3 was coming out AGEN and now it’s 2022 and there’s no season 3, so I think he’s just teasing us now, so honestly season 2 was the last season, I mean come on, it ended in 2016, that was 6 years ago, it’s over ok, it was short 2 season series that was cool ok, now it’s time too move on, the creator was a ***hole ok, and he bin teasing us for 6 YEARS, I mean this ***hole could have made the season 3 by now, instead he just teased us for years I’m sorry but the show is ENDED, all because this ***hole. Season 3 IS CANCELED FOR GOOD!!! Sorry 😞

  1. There’s literally so much options on what direction season 3 could go, so on that note I really hope they actually make another season or a few more seasons

    Great program, needs more episodes

  2. Rick and morty is the unofficial gravity falls season 3 .. watch film theory of rick and morty having some kind of connection with gravity fals AFTER the weirdmagadon .

  3. If there’s a season 3 I would want it to be about Stan and Fords adventure out to sea and some episodes (if they want) will cut back to the Mystery Shack!

  4. SEASON 3 COMING OUT 2024 January 1,They set the release date TODAY. They are starting to create it in January 27, 2022. They said it could take 02 years at max so the real release date will probably be mid to end of 2023, but they say the release date is probably no more than 2024 January 1, now let’s talk about this more deeply. the Gravity falls series was made 2012-2016 and was a 2 season story. They canceled the series in 2016-2017, but he said that the release date was in 2018 but apparently that was canceled too. But now this day January 21,2022 they said on Live that there starting January 21, 2022, and they also said that they will start writing the season 3 in January 27, 2022, And this is not fake I seen the Live my self and I know the season 3 is coming out cuz it duh facts dude. It’s coming dude!! Yeah and everyone will know I wasn’t lying. Dippers going to be 13-14, Mables going to be 13-14 as well Wendy’s going to be 16-17.good luck SEASON 3!!

    Just a stranger


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