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‘Father of the Bride’ is here with a Sweet and Sour Trailer

Seems like fathers and brides do sweep the charm away even if it’s for the third time. The classic novel from 1949’s “Father of the Bride” has inspired a ton of filmmakers to dig into the concept but only the masters got ahead. 

Right from the first Father of the Bride adaptation in 1950, the original movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy. The movie was a huge hit and was successful in grabbing some prestigious Academy Awards nominations.

Maybe that was the reason that fueled the idea of attempting a reboot of the same movie in 1991starring Academy-Award-winning Diane Keaton and Emmy-Award-winning Steve Martin. The film was a huge success probably the reason why the movie is being made for the third time.

Father of the Bride is coming back with a modern take on the film where the panicking parents sail through their daughter’s marriage. HBO Max has taken this job on its shoulders to deliver the wedding neatly in its style. Here’s everything you should know.

HBO Max Releases “Father of the Bride” 2022 Trailer 

The streaming network HBO Max has made an exciting announcement bringing one of the classics back on big screens featuring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan. The acting duo reunites for the first time after HBO’s 2000 release, “For Love or Country”.

Andy and Gloria play a Cuban-American couple gearing up for their daughter’s marriage while trying to keep their marriage intact.

The modern take on the adapted version of Father of the Bride showcases a conflict between two cultures as the couple married their Cuban daughter into a Mexican family. 

Andy Garcia expressed this in some of his interviews saying this film is an honor and an obligation at the same time as the movie involves a clash of two cultures.

He said that the team is a lot overwhelmed by the fact that the film consists of stereotypes that are culture specific. Father of the Bride is set to walk down the aisle on 16th June. 

Father of the Bride: Cast

As mentioned above, Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan are featured as the parents gearing up to give way to their daughter. The film also includes Adria Arjona, Isabela Merced, Diego Boneta and Ana Fabrega.

A special breakout featuring Chloe Fineman of “Saturday Night Live” fame playing the wedding planner in the film. The film is directed by Gaz Alazraki and written by Matt Lopez. 

Father of the Bride: What is the plot of the film?

The evergreen plot remains the same, a loving and extra caring father is gearing up for his daughter’s marriage making sure that it becomes the best day of her life.

He is bearing up with all costs of the wedding while also managing to get along with his daughter’s future in laws. 

The 2022 version almost hit that to the note showing a Cuban family trying to get along with the Mexican in laws. The parents are trying to work on their own marriage while preparing for their daughter. 

The boiling point remains the same when the father realizes that he is not prepared to give away her little daughter who is a grown woman now. 

Remakes are fun when they have a certain edge to them. This one seems to tick the box. 

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