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Farrah Abraham and Mack Lovat Break up Hours After Making Romance Official

The Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and ‘Minus Gravity’ guitarist Mack Lovat have known each other for two years, or you can say unofficially dated each other. However, a dramatic twist came when the reality star broke up with Mack hours after confirming their romance.

Love Is A Game For Some, Eh?

Farrah Abraham, who celebrated her 31st birthday with her lover Mack Lovat broke up with him yesterday (7 June), just hours after confirming their romance. The “Teen Mom” alum confirmed Tuesday that she has called it quits with Mack Lovat only hours after going public because of the way he handled media attention.

Well, the reasons seem to be serious. She stated in an interview, “Sometimes people turn into monsters with the press, happy I found out now.” The 31-year-old reality star and the guitarist, whose band is signed to Capitol Records had been close friends for two years.

In 2020, Mack Lovat took Abraham on a date in a park and then to a basketball game before deciding to keep their relationship platonic. Since then, rumours circulated that the two are an item. In fact, Lovat spent Abraham’s recent birthday with her and her 13-year-old daughter in Hawaii.

Why Did Farrah Call It Quits With Lovat?

Well, Farrah Abraham, who is also a porn star, hasn’t mentioned the exact reasons for this sudden breakup hours after confirming her romance with Lovat, but she did call him a monster, and it appears that Lovat did something serious.

The pron star stated in her Tuesday interview that she trusted Lovat enough to begin a relationship with him because he keeps a “low profile away from the drama” which does not negatively impact her remaining seven months of “outpatient therapy or her sobriety”.

FYI, Farrah entered a trauma treatment centre in March after being sexually assaulted. While the reasons are not clear, Lovat has certainly broken her trust. Whether the reason is cheating on her recently confirmed partner or other trust-related issues, Farrah has refrained from mentioning it.

Previously, Farrah stated that “No matter your traumas — whether they are physical or mental, people see them or don’t see them — I wanted to take the time and say I am grateful for my family for hanging with me this year in one of my hardest years.” Now, Farrah has ousted Lovat from her circle.

Farrah and Lovat’s Brief Relationship

What seemed like a fairytale love story, has turned into an absolute mockery. The two lovebirds sparked romance on social media when Lovat slid into her DM two years ago and asked her out for a date.

Several media outlets confirmed in 2020 that the two stars went on a Covid date in a park and then attended a baseball match together. Since then, they have been extremely close. Recently, several pictures of the couple circulated on social media and Farrah confirmed that she is dating Lovat.

However, hours after, she made it official that she has called it quits with Lovat. Well, we are yet to receive further details about the split but it seems Farrah has taken this decision following Lovat’s mistake. The story is developing. Keep reading for more updates.

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