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Everything We Know About ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

Somebody has got to stop Marvel because it’s getting out of hand now! Marvel Studios are not giving us a break with their back to back thrilling releases that are driving us crazy. We just finish and process with one thing and they throw another TV reveal in no time.

Now, the ones who are always on their toes with the announcements and updates about the Marvel movies and shows must be aware that there were some things being fled in the air about Marvel’s Daredevil and its forthcoming series. 

Well, turns out, it was all true! Marvel Studios is brewing Daredevil: Born Again, one of a kind street style masterpiece that was unleashed recently at the San Diego Comic Con.

Now, some of you might disagree because of the whole Netflix cancellation scenario that happened four years ago but the creators have confirmed that we might be able to see our Matt Murdock rocking his iconic glasses once again in the epic Marvel action series, Daredevil: Born Again. 

But what’s the deal here? Do we get a new Daredevil? Or a new storyline for the series? Check out this article to grab all the deets and get excited to bring back the Daredevil, one more time.

Daredevil: Born Again: Marvel Studios Confirmed the Series at San Diego Comic Con

This is the most fun part about the Comic Con. You set your expectations on something else and you get completely bowled away with another news.

That’s what happened at the Marvel Studios event at the recent Comic Con where the production network revealed pretty much a lot about the coming stuff from the MCU.

Marvel Studios will continue to bring in new and exciting characters from Marvel comic books and continue to announce new titles for all the projects they’ve already got lined up.

One such big reveal was about the upcoming Marvel series, Daredevil: Born Again which is said to return to the small screen as confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con.

There were a few disappointments with the biggest streaming platform, Netflix cancelled the show but our guardian angels found a better and maybe permanent home for the Daredevil at Disney+.

Daredevil: Born Again: Longer Episodes Order for Disney+

Netflix fans seem to love the detailed story that the show has crafted. These days, it’s not just important to have heroes, but also a well-written villains. Maybe the fueling force behind the arrival of Daredevil on Disney+.

This firing villain who got his own big show is not going to stop at the same size as the other Marvel shows. The streaming platform, Disney+ has decided to give Daredevil: Born Again, an 18 episodes order.


With this mindblowing news, Daredevil becomes the longest Marvel show leaving behind She-Hulk and WandaVision. Disney+ is a huge success for Marvel, but one complaint people have is that the shows are too short.

With this hefty 18 episodes order, it’ll give the shows more granularity and will help to solve these complaints.

Beyond this, it signals Marvel’s willingness to go back to the heyday of television and long producing schedules. For each episode so far, we’ve been talking about a month to shoot it all – so that means Daredevil: Born Again could take around a year.

Daredevil: Born Again: When is it releasing?

Charlie Cox starring Daredevil is coming for a second round on Disney+ with a full party pack of 18 long episodes. As announced at the 2022’s San Diego Comic Con, the series is expected to arrive in Spring 2024.

Based on where we are right now, it seems like this is just an announcement and not quite a launch date. We’d see Charlie Cox playing our favourite Matt Murdock making his mark on the MCU but he is also expected to voice Daredevil’s part in Marvel’s upcoming animated series, Spider Man: Freshman Year. 

Daredevil: Born Again: What Will Be The Possible Storyline?

Here comes the biggest question! Will Daredevil” Born Again will be a continuation of Netflix’s original show? Possibly. We are not sure.

We can’t know this, because we don’t yet know whether the Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk we’ve seen lately are the same ones or not.

It’s possible that the Netflix reveals aren’t happening in the same exact reality in every other dimension. But if they are, then it’s likely that Netflix’s version was it for the show. 

Another way of looking at it can be taken from the title, “Born Again”. It can be linked to the reference to the fact that Disney+ revived the show from Netflix and brought it back but some fans also argue that it has something to do with a certain storyline that is mentioned in the comics. 

According to the storyline in Born Again comics, The comic’s storyline revolves around Karen Page leaking Daredevil’s secret identity to Fisk.

By betraying Matt Murdock, she sets him up for years of torture and poverty. He eventually loses all hope for the future and falls into a deep depression.

As the defender of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil will use his investigative skills to help Karen on her way to recovery. He will partner up with other superheroes in order to take down the supersoldier Nuke.

Netflix’s “Daredevil” was highlighted as a possible influence on the storyline, but there’s still plenty of material in the script if the new series doesn’t want to seem too similar.

If we’re expecting the series out of the Born Again comics, Born Again is one of the comic’s darkest plots, so if it was ever put into a series. It would have a heavier tone than any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies or shows so far.

Daredevil: Born Again: Cast So Far

Apart from Charlie Cox who is all set to reprise his role as Matt Murdock (daredevil) in the upcoming Marvel action series, we can also see Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role of Kingpin in the series. There have been no announcements further for the cast and crew of Daredevil. 

Matt Corman and Chris Ord are currently working on the writing aspect. They both are also lined up as a producer for the series as well. 

Well, safe to say, Daredevil will have a new home for us to visit frequently. You can wait for the upcoming series while catching up on the previous show which is available to stream on Disney+.

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