Obamas Hire Priya Swaminathan

Barack and Michelle Obama are back and they are reminding us of just how delightful they are. They’ve hired Indian-origin entertainment executive Priya Swaminathan as their first big hire for their Netflix deal.

Swaminathan will work hand in hand with the former White House residents to develop new Hollywood projects for the streaming giant.

The deal between the Obamas and Netflix was announced earlier this year and has caused a lot of buzz about the upcoming project. Hiring Swaminathan, an Indian-origin social activist and filmmaker, proves their intent to create unique and diverse stories.

Obamas Hire Priya Swaminathan
Priya Swaminathan (R)                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: NetWorthPost.org

Swaminathan was the former director of development at Annapurna Pictures. Her credits include producing documentaries like “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” and “Very Young Girls.” The latter focused on teenage prostitution in New York City and aired on Showtime. 

She’s done visual effects for Bollywood movies like the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “My Name is Khan” and other films like “De Dana Dan” and “Hum Tum Aur Ghost.”

Swaminathan also worked as an industry advisor for the Sundance Institute’s FilmTwo Initiative, which aimed to propel minority filmmakers ahead in the business. She’s a social activist who has worked closely with the #TimesUp and Me Too movement, as well.

As a leader in this industry, Swaminathan has worked to promote original, diverse content. Based on her experience and credits, we are assuming she is bringing this to Netflix with her recent deal, and will help develop stories that push social boundaries.



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