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Emily in Paris Season 3 Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Series

Emily in Paris returned on Netflix on December 21 with its third season, and fans are once again in awe of the stylish marketing executive as she continues to try to fit into the city while balancing her job and complicated relationships.

The show is the perfect blend of drama, comedy, romance and emotions, and the creators often use music to demonstrate all these elements. Every season of Emily in Paris features a number of songs, and season 3 was no different. Here are all the details of the new season’s soundtrack.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Soundtrack

Every episode of the new season has several songs, both English and French, to go with the mood of the storyline. The official soundtrack has also been released on all major music streaming platforms. The full details of the tracks are as below:

Episode 1: I Have Two Lovers

  • Reine De L’attitude by DOPAMOON (ft. Lydia Képinski)
  • Two Loves (J’ai Deux Amours)” by Josephine Baker (performed by Ashley Park)
  • Passion Sonore by AGAV (ft. Lucile Seguin)
  • Whatever Happens by Sarah Rebecca and Ariel T

Episode 2: What It’s All About…

  • Redis-moi by Mélanie Pain
  • Panatra by The Vrooming Crew and Dolores
  • Zou Bisou, Bisou by Jessica Baré
  • Smile by Nat King Cole (performed by Ashley Park)
  • Alfie” by Dionne Warwick (performed by Lily Collins)
  • Seuls à vivre by Noroy

Episode 3: Coo D’état

  • Là ou l’été by Mélanie Pain
  • Une autre vie by Iliona
  • Oulala by The Vrooming Crew and Dolores
  • Domino by Myd
  • Vitesse by Napkey
  • Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa (performed by Ashley Park)
  • Ma jaguar by The Rebels of Tijuana
  • Viens by MOTEL CLUB (ft. Cindy Pooch)
  • LONGO MAÏ by Enchantée Julia and Benjamin Epps
  • Cet été by Matild
  • Le Lac by Vendredi sur Mer
  • Open Up the Sky by Slove (ft. John and the Volta)

Episode 4: Live from Paris, It’s Emily Cooper

  • Spotlight on Me by Janaé E. (ft. Maine Productionz and PUSH.audio)
  • J’adore ce flic by The Rebels of Tijuana
  • L’amour parfait by Brigette Fontaine and Areski Belkacem
  • Panama Paname by Clea Vincent
  • PLUS FORT QUE MOI by Enchantée Julia
  • Connection Lost by Don Turi (ft. La Chica) [Yuksek Remix]
  • Boom, Boom Click! by Saint Privat
  • Paris by L’Impératrice
  • Tres cheveux by Juniore
  • Call Me by Sarah Rebecca

Episode 5: Ooo La La Liste

  • Parler by SOCIAL DANCE
  • Maria by Kedam
  • Lost in the Sound by Tahiti 80
  • Que vais-je en faire? (Pendentif Remix)” by Jérôme Echenoz
  • Humains après tout by Neil Widmer
  • Mon soleil (Remix)” by Ashley Park
  • Nanette by Julia Daigle
  • Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (performed by Ashley Park and Kevin Dias)
  • Toujours des mensonges by Owlle feat. Vendredi sur Mer

Episode 6: Ex-en-Provence

  • Érotique by The Rebels of Tijuana
  • Miss Emily by Charles Trenet
  • C’est tout by Paname Dandies
  • Je vole by Laure Briard
  • Party” by Black Lilys
  • La nuit te ressemble by Thaïs
  • Un roi by Casque D’Or

Episode 7: How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days

  • Chute Libre by Emma Hoet
  • Control by Janet Jackson
  • Mangrove by Toukan Toukän
  • The Answer by Cezaire feat. Ayelle

Episode 8: Fashion Victim

  • Tnt by Fantasydub feat. Rachel Fannan
  • Pénélope by Fred Nevché
  • Lightleak by There’s Talk
  • Maintenant je suis un voyou by Bruno Leys
  • Never Get It Right (Shura Remix) by Ines Rae and Kinouste

Episode 9: Love Is in the Air

  • Qu’est-ce que tu fous? by The Vrooming Crew and Dolores
  • French Boy by Moodoïd and Say Lou Lou
  • Just a Clown by Primer
  • Sur la piste de danse by Laure Briard
  • C’est tout by Suzy Declair
  • Le Tuto by Miel De Montagne and Jacques
  • Sleep, Sleep by Painted Pale
  • L’amour est dans l’air (2019 remaster) by Laurent Rossi

Episode 10: Charade

  • Cocktails by doVicente and NVRT
  • Dépêche-toi by Weekend Affair
  • Back to Heaven by Later.
  • Dans les strass by Clea Vincent
  • Burning Hour by Jadu Heart
  • Moyen-Âge by Vandit Voyage
  • Vous qui passez sans me voir by Albert De Paname
  • Ananas by Bleu Toucan
  • Cassette by Chris DB
  • Le cœur hypothéqué by April March
  • Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
  • Palmero No. 332 by Javier E. Fioramonti
  • Pyor by Darius
  • Enid & Rebecca by Les Gordon

How did you like the soundtrack of Emily in Paris Season 3? Let us know in the comments section.

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