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Drake Shows Off his Jump Shot as he Plays Basketball in New York

Drake’s love for Basketball is no secret! The rapper, who has been a regular at Raptor games and also trained with an NBA shooting coach a few years back, seems to have improved drastically at the game.

The God’s Plan singer recently showed off his basketball skills in a new video, as he made some long-range shots, impressing his fans. Continue reading to watch the video and know the full story.

Drake Shows Off Basketball Skills in New Video

On Tuesday, the rapper took to Instagram to post a video of him training and playing basketball with some fellows, as he is able to score 12 three-pointers with long-range shots. He bragged in the caption, writing, “My bad I thought it was office hours…work.”

The video is from the luxury Summit gym in New York City, where Drake worked out with NBA trainer Chris Brickley and rapper Rowdy Rebel. Drake was on fire and looked dominant through the match, at least, that is what we can make of the glimpses he shared. Brickley also praised the 35 year old rapper and wrote on Instagram, “His jumper has gotten a lot better!”

Fans also seemed impressed with their favorite rapper’s game and showered him with praises in the comments. Meanwhile, Rowdy Rebel’s game was also appreciated by Brickley, who wrote, “@rowdyrebel got game!!!! Handle & finish game is [100]”.  

NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas was also impressed with Rebel’s game and commented, “He got that NY swag when he play. Handle and hesi game is official.”

Drake Earlier Hit the Game-Winning Shot to win SBL

This is not the first time Drizzy has displayed his game skills. Earlier in March this year, he made a game-winning shot to make his team NITG win the Sanctuary Basketball League (SBL). He then celebrated his win with custom-made gold WWE championship belt.

NITG, which is Toronto’s native team, had made it to the finals and won the league for the second time in two consecutive years. During the final game time, Drake dribbled the ball before he attempted a drive to the basket. He then tricked the defender by pulling the dribble back and made an off-the-glass jump to win the championship.

Drizzy Trained with Chris Matthews in 2019

Taking his love for the game forward, Drake hired NBA and WNBA shooting coach Chris Matthews, aka Lethal Shooter, to train for the jump shot in September 2019.

Matthews had been quoted saying at the time, “Drake’s level of concentration showed me why he’s the best in the world at his craft. He brought the same work ethic that he’s shown throughout his career, on the court. He was locked in for two straight hours learning The Art of Shooting. Consistency is key.”

The rapper also regularly hangs out with professional players LeBron James and Steph Curry. At one point, the rapper was also considered to be a bad luck charm for the player. The “Drake Curse” was a trend that implied that whenever Drake posted a picture with an athlete or a team, they ended up losing. And eerily, this did happen quite a few times.

What are your thoughts about Drake’s mad Baskteball skills? Tell us in the comments section.



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