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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date is Here

Sony’s Crunchyroll and Toei Animation have finally decided on a release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The latest film in the blockbuster anime franchise is all set to entertain the fans!

Release Dates For Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The film will premiere in the United States of America on August 19th. It will be broadcasted in around 2300 theaters including Imax cinemas. This is a first for Crunchyroll.

If we talk about the international release, the good news is that fans outside of the USA will not have to wait much longer. The movie will release internationally in August and September.

Crunchyroll tweeted to confirm the dates. The tweet has over 2,000 retweets and 7,000 favorites.

Some fans were skeptical of the 3D animation whereas the rest seemed to love it. However, some fans were upset that instead of continuing the story from where it was left off, the fans are being presented with a random movie.

Not all countries have received a release date yet. However, countries like Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, and Paraguay will get the initial release on August 18th. The USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a couple of other countries will be able to watch the movie on August 19th.

The release dates go all the way through September with the final release being in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macao on September 29th.

If you live in any of these places, it will be difficult to avoid the spoilers, though it might be worth it to avoid social media altogether if you are a fan!

Tickets For Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Tickets will officially go on sale on July 22 in Canada and the United States of America. Due to its large fanbases, the tickets will likely be sold out quickly.

Trailer For Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The news of the release date comes around the time of the English dubbed trailer. Toei Animation released over 7 30-second clips leading up to the movie. The clips are full of action and scenes that excite the fans.

For example, in one of the clips, Gohan and Piccolo successfully break their limits against Gemma 1 and Gemma 2. The clips also give a sneak peek of Vegeta and Goku, two of the most favorite characters of the whole franchise. They are both seen training possibly on the Beerus planet with Broly.

The short clips are creating hype that would ultimately fill the theaters once the movie drops. The last Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly dropped in 2015. It was made on a budget of $8.5 million and made over $30 million in North America alone. It went on to do business of more than $120 around the world.

The biggest earner among all the movies is Aniplex’s Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train. The period fantasy anime movie was made on a budget of $65 million. It was released in October 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic and went on to make a whopping $504 million all around the world.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be available in the original language with subtitles and the local-dubbed language as well. If previous movies’ success are any indication, the upcoming movies will certainly break many records.

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