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Dr. Stone Officially Ends with Chapter 232

Dr. Stone has, at last, ended with Chapter 232, and fans are not yet ready to gobble the fact that Senku will be leaving the Shonen sphere for good. So let’s take a look at Dr. Stone’s ending and find out was it rushed or the culmination of 232 chapters make for a convincing end.

But don’t worry otaku of the world, there’s a new chapter in the works that could come out any moment this year. And don’t forget that the anime is slated to release the third season in 2023.

Does the Ending Hold Up to Dr. Stone’s Fame?

This is a very big spoiler for any of the anime fans but the discussion for the end is what all manga readers have been dying for. Let’s recap the end and how it affects the grander scope of Dr. Stone.

The last chapter starts off with a beautiful display of the crew’s crash landing into the Earth, with a high five with every one of the important side characters in an emotional send-off to their lives in the pre-historic life they have culminated all throughout the manga.

The main theme encircling this manga was to glamourize science and technology to young people reading this manga and in doing so thing shows that science and technology is fun thing that is amazing to practice and can yield civilisation the means and necessities to evolve beyond their capabilities.

The motive of the initial first few chapters of Dr. Stone burns brightly even in the end as even in the end of the series, where they have identically reverse engineered the whole society before the petrification, the science team is still hard at work to make a time machine to save the lives that were lost in the beginning.

As there is no more threat about the petrifying ray to the world, Our favourite characters are settling into their lives as individuals of the world, making it a better place regardless of their capabilities for science and technology.

On one side, Gen is becoming more of a bigger political and sophisticated personnel bringing the people and communities closer and bringing harmony.

On the other side, everyone has gathered to celebrate the wedding of the first and most beloved couple of the post-petrified world, Taiju and Yuzuriha, and everyone is here, reuniting for one special occasion.

Whereas on the other side, the previously nemesis group of Tsukasa, Xeno and Hyoga among others await their eventual prison time for their time when they were breaking petrified versions of human beings.

As this is going on it is revealed that the newest project that Senku and the others are working on is a time machine. It’s incomplete at the moment but this means that Tsukasa and the others won’t be jailed because they will go back to the past and purify all the people who were hit by the petrification beam and save all those lives they had lost before figuring out the Medusa problem, meaning that no one is going to go to jail as this nulls and voids anything that they had done previously.

It’s the most challenging undertaking they have ever gone through, but Senku will be spending years to figure it out. This ties into the starting of the show as well making it a full circle.

The show started with the proposal of bringing the world into the way it previously was and the manga is leaving fans into the space where the world of Dr. Stone is essentially identical to ours in structure and functioning.

It sends off users with the hope that the world will change in the future as people will appreciate the power and value science provides.

Announcement for the Future

It has been reported that a special chapter will be released alongside the highly anticipated season 3 of Dr. Stone or even a little earlier than that, whatever the case may be fans are highly anticipating a breathtaking epilogue for an end that felt deserved and made the story full circle.

The special story will be a look into the character of Ryusui, the sailor whose heart is open to all types of women and speculation has it that his story will be set in the lead up to the time machine’s building.

The Reaction of Fans to Dr. Stone Ending

The most excited and the most heartbroken from the whole affair is primarily the fans who have invested so much of their time and energy, reading and re-reading these mangas and making precious moments with the story of Dr. Stone.

Here’s another fan who was reminiscing the manga series through its most beloved panels and pages on display.

And the inevitable fan crowd who is so heartbroken about the whole ordeal

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