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Disney’s Modern Take On Little Mermaid In The New Trailer

The movie industry is always on the lookout for new trends and new ways to keep audiences interested. In recent years, mermaid fantasy films have been one of the most popular genres in film, with a wide range of movies being released every year.

The cinephiles have always had a morbid fascination with mermaid fantasy films. In fact, these types of movies have been around since the late 1930s when they first appeared on screen.

Since then, they have become increasingly popular as people become more interested in mythical creatures that are based on real-life creatures such as elves or fairies.

One of the efficient feet in this genre has been put by Disney and their beautification of mermaids that has kept little girls dreaming about their veil developing any day now. 

Thanks to Disney’s efforts of keeping us on track, we now have a live action Little Mermaid coming our way on the big screens. Yes, the film was released in 1989 that has set some serious goals for its magnificent feature and characters that have stood till time.

The giant network of magic is aiming at recreating the experience with a live action adaptation set to release next year. The film is finally here with its first look, check out this article to know everything. 

Disney’s Modern Take On Little Mermaid In The New Trailer

Disney has been trying to recapture that magic with a live-action adaptation of Little Mermaid coming in 2023. They’ve given us our first look at the highly anticipated film with a new trailer starring Halle Bailey in the pivotal role.

The latest trailer gives us our first impressions of Bailey’s Ariel, a human who becomes fascinated with the world of mermaids. The movie initially involved voice acting from Jodi Benson 1989.

The new trailer has us set on the main character, Bailey, singing “Part of Your World.” The environment around her is watery and looks quite different from the animated movie. But just as before, she seems to like it!

Disney’s live-action remakes have been remarkably faithful to their animated counterparts so far and this trailer hints at them putting a contemporary spin on the classic story. The upcoming fantasy film also includes some incredible musical numbers to look forward to. 

When is Little Mermaid Releasing?

The new footage of The Little Mermaid trailer has been released and it’s looking good. The talent they have in front of and behind the camera is going to make this a successful movie. The film is set for a big release on May 26th, 2023. 


With such an immaculate star cast, Little Mermaid is bringing a lot of talent with the upcoming feature.

Besides Halle Bailey as the titular character, the film brings Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Javier Bardem as King Triton, Jude Akuwudike as Grimsby and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. Lorena Andrea and Kajsa Mohammad have also been cast as Perla and Karina in the film.

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