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Disney Genie and Genie+ Service Available on Disneyland

Life would be so much better with a friend like Genie+, no?

After all, who isn’t a fan of Disneyland? Want to be there too, right? Umm, let me sort you out on this one.

If you are one such person who likes to have one easy spot to find everything that you are looking for, you are in the right place.

The Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ are here at your rescue. The new services are making way to reach out to you soon enough and thus, should be available at Disney’s west coast park.

Okay, wondering what’s more?

In addition to the Disneyland App, the new features will make it easy for users to optimize their screen time on Disney. Interesting.

So you get the whole vibe of ”Genie” from Aladdin! The app will give users the day to spend a day in a way they would want to.

Users will have the flexibility and choice to do whatever they want while they are at the park and the Disney Genie feature will be at their service. The Disney Genie feature will curate your day the way you would want it to.

Disney Genie & Genie+ Service – Here’s All the Info!

The Disney Genie will make sure to fulfill all your desire. It could be ANYTHING!

You can tell the Genie about your personal favorite travel experience or the last supper that you enjoyed; you could also talk about superheroes or discuss your favorite Disney movie.

The Genie will jot everything down for you and crop down a list that you can do while you are in Disneyland. Moreover, the Genie will also make sure to track your time. To ensure that you don’t waste enough of it, it will record the wait time of every attraction that you might be interested in and thus, will inform you so you save your time.

There’s more that follows.

The app along with offering you a list of things to do while you are in the park will also sort your day plan.

Similar to the Disney app feature, the Disney Genie feature will keep your plans up to date. Disney World already has a Genie so it will be an interesting find to see how Disneyland showcases its Genie.

Genie and Genie+ are available at Disneyland from December 8th.

Genie is free to use while Genie+ will need you to spend $20/ticket to get access to the Lightning Lane Entrance.

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