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Disenchanted Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Disney Fairytale

Disney recently released the sequel to their 2007 hit film Enchanted, titled Disenchanted, and took the audience back to the magical world of Andalasia. The film, which takes palace ten years after the events of its predecessor, follows the lives of the Philip family as they move from Manhattan to a suburban town named Monroeville.

While Disenchanted has received mixed reviews so far, fans are appreciating the soundtrack of the film. Much like Enchanted, the sequel features a number of songs that play an important role in taking the story forward. Here is everything we know about the film’s soundtrack.

Disenchanted Soundtrack

Here are all the songs that feature in Disenchanted soundtrack.

Who has Composed the Disenchanted Soundtrack?

The songwriting duo of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, who worked on the soundtrack of Enchanted, have returned to compose the songs for Disenchanted. Menken, who is an eight-time Oscar winner, has also composed the score for the film. The songs have been performed by the cast of the film, including the lead, Amy Adams.

Ahead of the film’s release, Menken talked about the writing process of the songs and said, “Rather than writing for any individual actors, Stephen and I – in the case of this musical – write for the characters and the storyline and then take it from there.”

“It just so happens that the actors are perfect for this. We’re pulling threads going all the way back, you know, to Snow White and the threads from the early ’50s for Cinderella. With the love ballads, Stephen gave me an assignment… which was to do a sendup of Defying Gravity [from Wicked].”

“Or, let’s put it, an homage to Defying Gravity. So, we do have, you know, eclectic tropes. I always try to use very specific references. And all of them come from the same pool that your early Disney comes from,” he added.

Disenchanted Soundtrack is now Available on Music Streaming Platforms

Disney has officially launched the soundtrack to coincide with the release of the film. The album features all the songs that made it to the film, as well as the songs that were omitted, including Hard Times For Heroes and Something Different This Year.

You can now listen to the soundtrack on all the major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

How did you like the Disenchanted soundtrack? Tell us in the comments section.

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